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Tue 28th Jun 2016
Tri247 Iron-Distance Statistics Library: updated
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Wednesday 1st February 2012

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Welcome to the Tri247 Iron-Distance Statistics Library

This collection of data has become something of a labour of love for your, at times, statistics obsessed Editor over the last few years. And thanks to plenty of athletes "raising the bar" of late, it has been almost as tough a job to keep it constantly updated as it was to produce this analysis in the first place. But, to the very best of our knowledge and research, all of these features are complete and we do our very best to keep them that way.

The latest addition to the library has been published today (1st Feb 2012) for the first time, which focuses on the Fastest British Iron Men. Specifically, I've pulled together an analysis of all-time British sub 8:30 iron-distance finishes. Which of course, provides an interesting statistic itself - because not all sub 8:30 British iron-distance finishes have been achieved by men!

Have you ever wondered how Chrissie Wellington's best finishing times compare, relative to the British men? CLICK HERE for the answer.

Links to the full archive of the iron-stats articles can be found below.

Tri247 Iron-Distance Statistics Library

Do you believe there is a performance missing here? If so, please do let me know via

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