Are you sitting comfortably?

What is an ISM saddle and why are they different? A look at the the brand which dominated the saddle count at the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship

How to transition to an ISM Saddle

Considering making the transition to an ISM saddle for improved comfort? Here is how to do it – along with details of their 30-day money back demo programme

Lucy Charles: “Every single thing seems to be aching!”

“Thanks so much for the support… it really does mean the world”

The 2018 IRONMAN World Championship will be one for the memories – and certainly one that will require a re-writing of the record books! Second again (and inside the previous course record), it was another great day for Lucy Charles (read all about it HERE). Still feeling the pain of her efforts on Saturday, Lucy reflects here on a very special day.

Watch her video message above for her thoughts on an incredible race.

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#GBKona 2018: A personal message from Tim Don

“There were times this year I didn’t think I would get here”

It’s been one of the triathlon stories of the year, brilliantly reflected through the emotional documentary, The Man with the Halo.

12 months after breaking his neck on the course of the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, Great Britain’s Tim Don is back – and tomorrow, he will be entering the water on Dig Me Beach and starting the most iconic race in the sport alongside the world’s best. It’s been an incredible journey and a truly inspiring comeback.

With less than 24 hours until the cannon fires, Tim has sent through a personal message to Tri247 readers. Take his advice, enjoy your Kona party, cheer on the Brits – and perhaps raise a glass to a remarkable recovery.

Good luck Tim!

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The Kona Press Conference 2018 Roundup

Thursday in Kona saw the Pro Press Conference at the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. Here’s a roundup of who said what ahead of Saturday’s big race…

#GBKona 2018: Rich Whitfield – from Pro Football to IRONMAN

Rich Whitfield will be one of the British Age-Group athletes experiencing the IRONMAN World Championship for the first time on Saturday and he’s already looking forward to coming back next year. So how did a proFESSIONAL footballer end up becoming an IRONMAN?

#GBKona 2018: Paul Lunn – aiming for a bigger fruit bowl…

Great Britain Age-Grouper Paul Lunn is back in Kona this year after a great (podium) debut 12 months ago. He’s relaxed, chilling out… but has his eye on doing even better than in 2017, and going home with another (bigger) ‘fruit bowl’ if possible…