The Brownlee Brothers talk Tokyo 2020

Fit and healthy starting 2019, we spoke to Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee about their season plans, recovering from a poor season and plans for Tokyo 2020

New website launched for OTE Sports Nutrition

OTE Nutrition launch new website:

At the recent Triathlon Show: London we spent some time chatting to Peter Slater, a very familiar face on the scene in the triathlon and endurance sports market. Peter is one of the Co-founders of OTE Nutrition (

Now in their fourth year, the brand have been quietly gaining market share and today they have released their all new website.

What is ‘OTE’? Watch the video above to find out what that stands for!

Peter knows his stuff both in nutrition terms and as an athlete. He went faster at the IRONMAN World Championships 20 years after his first visit.