Steve Trew on turbo training – part 5

Steve Trew finishes up his series on turbo training with two sets of sessions that fall at completely opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of training focus: smoothness and raw power!

Steve Trew on turbo training – part 4

Steve Trew’s digging a little deeper into the ‘hurt box’ this time around with seven turbo sessions for those who are a little more confident (or experienced) and need to boost their training programme.

Steve Trew on turbo training – part 3

This time Steve Trew presents a complete seven stage turbo plan. Which may seem odd, given that the season is just starting, but remember — not everyone has their main race for months yet, some of the big long distance races are in the Autumn! Turbos are not just for Winter training…

Steve Trew on turbo training – part 1

Steve Trew, as well as being our official link with triathlon’s Golden Years, is also a fine coach and we asked him to dust off some of his notes about turbo trainers and useful sessions. Prepare to suffer because, on a turbo, there’s no place to hide…

Steve Trew on turbo training – part 2

After Steve Trew’s fairly gentle introduction to turbo training sessions in part 1, we’re going to step up the level a bit with four key workouts which you can use at any point in a training programme when you’re not able to get out on the road but need to do some quality training.

Basic turbo trainer sessions

Just buying a turbo trainer won’t improve your bike training! Like going to a pool swim session without a plan, it a training aid that needs some structure to get the best out of – so here are a few simple but effective ones to start you off.