Muc-Off launches new Essentials Case

We’ve featured the Muc-Off Eseentials Case range before on the site – and they have now launched a new edition colourway, the Bolt.

Here’s the Muc-Off description:

The Essentials Case has been engineered by Muc-Off to be a handy storage solution ideal for all bike riders; from the trails to the tarmac and everything in-between. Riders can store their phone, essential tools and puncture repair kits inside the case, so they never have to cut a ride short. 

The tough outer fabric lined with a water-repellent zipper offers protection with a heavy-duty rubber-encased rope zip pull for quick and easy access on the bike. Their essentials will stay secure and safe, while looking look rad! 

With so much product news related to carbon, aerodynamics, electronics and the like (with the prices to go with it), here’s something that includes none of those. It won’t make you faster or more efficient… but (and, perhaps, I’m easily pleased?!), it’s just a very simple but practical addition that will surely be of use to most bike riders?

Combine that with the fact that it costs just £14.99 and will likely last you for many years – that surely represents one of the best value-for-money purchases you’ll ever make.


Muc-Off Essentials Case Bolt