Product Review: 361° Sensation 2 running shoes

Who is it aimed at?

Runner looking for stability shoe

Best bits?

Fit and performance

What surprised you?

Immediate comfort and fit

Reasons why you would buy them?

Well built stability shoe that performs brilliantly

Our experience…

361° was founded around 2003 so it might be a surprise that you are only just finding out about them now here in the UK?

Our first exposure to them came about during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games as the uniform supplier and here now and a chance to try out a pair of their shoes.

First impressions are positive and the build quality is excellent, fit is spot on, they are visually striking creating a very appealing shoe, this pair in the sapphire and gecko colour combination.

First outing and the shoe feels firm and very stable. The outsole is comfortable without being too soft allowing for a fast run. Having used the Sensation 2 as my main running shoe this past month the outsole is wearing very well. In fact it’s not showing much wear at all so these look like they are going to last a lot of miles.

I have really enjoyed trying out the Sensation 2s: they have felt very responsive and a well fitting shoe, cradling the foot effectively and were stable in wet and dry conditions.

Final verdict

A brand to really consider, 361° are big in China and now are bringing their many years of experience and their product lineup into Europe. As a rival to the usual shoe brands there should be nothing to put you off. The shoes tick all the boxes for fit, comfort, performance, quality and in my opinion for looks too. Totally worth trying a pair on.

You can find out more via the 361° website.

Sole side view of the 361 Degree Sensation 2 running shoe
Sole side view of the 361° Sensation 2 running shoe
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