Product Review: NEWLINE T-shirt and Cammo Shorts

Who is it aimed at?

Summer runners.


Best bits?

Feel and style.

What surprised you?

Feel of material on the T-shirt.

Reasons why you would buy it?

Good value, cammo pattern is a little different and eye catching.

Our experience…

Warmer weather ahoy!

Nice fit and feel on the shorts and a great tactile material on the T-shirt make for a comfortable combo. The top breathed well out on a gentle sunny run. Very smart and functional performance.

The shorts gain extra praise for the cammo pattern which is a welcome alternative to the standard black offerings. The liner is a comfortable mesh inner, continuing the comfort theme.

The range includes the same pattern in leggings which are equally striking!

Final verdict

There is no shortage of competition in the mid range running apparel market. Name a brand and they will have something for you. When you want to try something else why not check out Newline, they have been making garments since 1981. The founder of Newline, Helge Petersen, whilst out parachuting (as you do…) wondered why his suit was wet and the parachute still dry.

Inspired by this discovery, he used parachute fabric to make one of the first functional running suits ever.

With a background from the Danish Special Forces, a focus on military precision, and many years as a runner, he created an innovative range of functional products with a focus on details and comfort.

You can find out more via the NEWLINE website.

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