Review: CEP Ultralight Short Socks

If you’re looking for quality, light-weight socks the CEP Ultralight Short Socks could well be the answer based on our testing


For an item so seemingly basic and simple, a good pair quality of socks can significantly enhance your comfort while running and cycling.

The CEP Ultralight Short Socks aren’t the cheapest out there – but if you are looking for performance (and colour!), Chris Hovenden suggests they are pretty hard to beat, based on his testing this season.

Product: CEP Ultralight Short Socks
Price: £21
Size: Tested in a Medium III, available in Sizes II to V – see website for guidance.
Weight: 32g
Colours: Viper/green; black/green; red/green; electric blue/green; white/green

What we thought

The CEP Ultralight Short Socks’ combination of light-weight and breathable material along with relatively little padding makes them a good option whether you’re riding for several hours or hitting the trails.

The slight compression on the arch and ankle is designed to enhance stabilisation – it is hard to tell whether there is any noticeable difference, but the extra support is by no means a negative.

Weighing just over 30g the socks live up to their ‘Ultralight’ name, and on hot rides or runs you appreciate the light-weight breathable material. Importantly, after several months of testing, the socks have proved very durable unlike many ‘light-weight’ options.

CEP Ultralight

If using particularly snug bike shoes you may prefer socks with even more minimal toe box padding, but I found them to be comfortable in nearly all of my bike and tri shoes.

If you’re into the latest cycling trend for long socks the CEP Ultralight Short Socks’ 4 inch cuff may not be long enough, but performance-wise these socks are hard to beat – for example, the cuffs do not slip after long hours in the saddle or when running hard.

CEP Ultralight

Lastly, the CEP Ultralight Short Socks are available in several eye-catching colour combos and have L and R to ensure you get them on the correct foot!


Very good – my ‘go to’ socks for cycling and running. However, they have a substantial price tag.

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