Review: MP Michael Phelps Focus Training Snorkel


Developed in conjunction with swim legend Michael Phelps, the MP Focus Training Snorkel, in collaboration with Aqua Sphere, is a training aid to help you concentrate on body position in the water by removing the movement of breathing.


Who is it aimed at?

Swimmers who are looking to progress their swim technique.

Best bits?

Very compact and easy to fit. Materials feel of good quality.

Focus Training Snorkel – our experience…

Straight out of the bag this is a very simple item of kit that with the right coaching help could pay for itself incredibly quickly. By removing the distraction of the additional movement of breathing you can focus (pun intended) on developing the movement of the body during your swim stroke.

Priced around £25 it is a very affordable training item for the kit bag. In testing, the snorkel in a small size fitted an average sized adult and a junior swimmer very well as the mouth piece was very flexible, allowing a comfortable grip in the mouth. The unit comes in regular and small fit.

The snorkel is part of the collaboration with Aqua Sphere and this is evident in the build quality, the plastics and rubber elements are of a high standard and the overall fit is excellent and stable in use.

YouTube video

In the pool the snorkel is comfortable and easy to breath with and requires very little concentration to use so you can really get on with your swim technique. Turns were easy enough to work through as the top of the tube is swept back and any water ingress is pretty easy to shift and the purge valve helps with clearing any stubborn water.

The Focus snorkel is a worthy addition to your swim kit, possibly in conjunction with a nose clip for some swimmers.

You can find out more here:

Aqua Sphere MP Michael Phelps Focus Training Snorkel

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