POWERBREATHER® now available in UK

A revolutionary new snorkel designed in Germany as a training aid for swimmers and triathletes is now available in Britain, and it comes highly recommended by top national swimming coaches and triathletes for regular fitness training.

The POWERBREATHER® works by separating the air you breathe in from the air you breathe out, banishing the “pendulum effect”, where exhaled air is inhaled back using standard snorkels.

The POWERBREATHER® 100% fresh air system lets you swim faster and further, with less muscle fatigue, improving endurance, technique and performance.

Also, while training for fitness, the POWERBREATHER® removes the need to turn the head sideways and upwards to breathe during the crawl (bi-lateral breathing), allowing the swimmer to focus entirely on improving speed, skill and technique – use of hands, arms, legs and positioning for tumble turns.

In competition of course, a snorkel may not be worn, but turning or lifting the head to breathe can be practised separately, alternating with fitness and technique training.

For recreational use, snorkelling, freediving, physio and rehabilitation, snorkels can be worn, but seldom fit well.

The POWERBREATHER® on the other hand has a unique twist lock device to ensure a perfect fit on the back of the head, and two D-shaped speed vents (air intakes) to fit snugly down both sides of the head, and a well-designed mouthpiece (air exhaust) that swivels smoothly, allowing The POWERBREATHER® to fit the face perfectly, looking stylish and streamlined at the same time.

Special patented membranes, three one-way valves, ensure not only that no water gets into the air intake or into the mouthpiece, even when underwater practising tumble turns or free-diving, but also that exhaled air only goes down into the water through the mouthpiece, never returning into the speed vents or air intake.


The POWERBREATHER® has 3 different models:

  • the Sport (RRP £70) with short speed vents only, ideal for indoor recreational use
  • the Lap (RRP £80) with short speed vents and end caps for practising tumble turns
  • The Wave (RRP £100) with everything, for wild sea and choppy open water.

To complete the package all three come in smart carrying cases for safety between swims, an excellent instruction manual, and online video links.

The POWERBREATHER® is available now at selected training centres and high street shops.

For further details, please ask your local retailer, swim coach, club or pool, or contact UK distributors, Maxtrack Ltd – 01531 890955 – email [email protected].

Information, photos and videos also available on the website www.powerbreather.co.uk.

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