Wahoo Speedplay Pedals launch today

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Wahoo brings a complete overhaul to Speedplay

Two premium brands combine today in what appears to be a natural fit for both, but also for you, the consumer.

Best known for its popular range of integrated technology across indoor trainers, bike computers, heart rate monitors and GPS watches, the Speedplay name, under the Wahoo parent make a big re-entry into the cycling and triathlon market.

Wahoo acquired Speedplay back in September 2019, and it’s no surprise to see – given their history with the KICKR range – that the new Wahoo Speedplay range will include a pedal-based power meter option, launching this summer.

Wahoo are however far from ignoring non-power customers, with the simplified range being significantly upgraded in every regard, all but eliminating the previous iteration maintenance (grease) issues, upgrading bearings, re-engineering the pedal structure to reduce chances of “sloppy” clip-ins and making sure all pedals will fit one cleat style.

The bringing together of the customer-service, simplicity and distribution power of Wahoo, with the popular, but at times difficult to access ‘niche’ brand of Speedplay looks set to provide Wahoo with an opportunity to gain market share from the established market leaders such as Shimano and LOOK. I expect to see more (Wahoo) Speedplay ‘lollipops’ appearing on crank arms very soon.

We’ll be getting our hands (and feet) onto the new product soon – here’s a first look at what should be able for you to purchase from today.

Iconic Speedplay Pedal Returns With a Wahoo Upgrade

The new Wahoo Speedplay line offers four options for road cyclists and triathletes looking for high performance and dual-sided entry

World’s first dual-sided pedal-based power meter, POWRLINK ZERO, to launch in summer 2021

Wahoo is proud to announce the first major refresh of the iconic Speedplay brand since the pedals were invented in a California garage 31 years ago. 

The new Wahoo Speedplay line grows from technology first designed in 1989. Speedplay pedals are the world’s only high performance pedal designed specifically for road cycling and triathlon without relying on concepts and technology from other sports – and the only one to offer approachable dual-sided entry.

Refinements across the whole line will improve the performance and durability of Speedplay pedals. Revamped models have lower stack height and better aerodynamics than other systems, as well as adjustable float, spindle-length options, and the premium-level user experience that all Wahoo products are known for.

Wahoo Speedplay
Wahoo Speedplay NANO

Wahoo is also excited to announce a fifth pedal will be added to its offering later this summer. The highly anticipated POWRLINK ZERO is the world’s first dual-sided pedal-based power meter.

The new Wahoo Speedplay line includes the COMP (£134.99), Speedplay ZERO (£199.99), Speedplay NANO (£379.99), Speedplay AERO (£239.99), and the Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO power meter (price to be announced).

Wahoo Speedplay
Wahoo Speedplay AERO

The Speeplay line includes two cleat options: Standard Tension (included with ZERO, NANO, AERO, and POWRLINK ZERO), and Easy Tension (included with COMP). Both cleat options are compatible with all pedals in the new Speedplay lineup and are backwards compatible with all earlier Speedplay Zero models. The COMP, ZERO, NANO, and AERO are available for purchase today from Wahoo dealers and WahooFitness.com. POWRLINK ZERO will be available in summer 2021.

Performance upgrades include adjustable float on all cleats from 0-15 degrees, sealed bearings with no need for regular maintenance, and increased durability through a revised pedal body. Wrench flats have been eliminated in favor of installation via a hex wrench. The ZERO is also available in four spindle lengths from Speedplay dealers and fit specialists to ensure that all rider fit needs are covered.

Wahoo Speedplay
Wahoo Speedplay ZERO

In 2020, the Education First – EF Pro Cycling Team rode Speedplay pedals to top finishes in World Tour races, including a podium finish at the Vuelta a Espana, picking up the World Tour legacy of a pedal that has won multiple monuments, including the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, and Paris-Nice.

Wahoo Speedplay
Wahoo Speedplay COMP

In 2021, EF – Education First Nippo and Canyon//SRAM will continue to ride with Speedplay. Joining them in the pro peloton are Alex Dowsett and Owain Doull. Speedplay has also seen unparalleled success in triathlon, as the winningest pedal at the Kona Ironman World Championships and the choice of World Record holder Jan Frodeno.

“I’ve trusted Speedplay for much of my career for their reliability and ample opportunity to custom fit the position of my foot. I ride 20,000km in a year and the improvements Wahoo has made to the pedals gives me the confidence to know that my pedals will work perfectly still ensuring that my biomechanics work on the most important contact point with my bike.”

IRONMAN World Champion, Jan Frodeno
Wahoo Speedplay
Wahoo Speedplay NANO

“Speedplay pedals give us an advantage over other pedal systems in weight, aerodynamics, and the adjustability of their cleat system. This combination gives our riders full confidence in their equipment on race day and lets them focus on the race ahead.”

Education First Nippo Team Performance Manager Nate Wilson

The new pedals are being supported by Wahoo’s existing sales organisation, ensuring that cyclists can easily access Speedplay pedals via Wahoo dealers and WahooFitness.com.

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