New from HIGH5: Slow Release Energy range

Here at HIGH5, we’re excited to launch our new Slow Release Energy range. Developed and tested with professional German cycling team BORA – hansgrohe, we’ve set out to redefine endurance nutrition. Our new range of products provide you with a longer-lasting supply of energy and a hit of electrolytes. By working closely with BORA – hansgrohe, a team of world class cyclists and ambitious goals, we can ensure our products are fit for purpose and deliver unrivalled performance, helping you edge out any competition.

HIGH5 are committed to push the science to create sports nutrition products that have a real benefit… with the Slow Release Energy range, they have delivered once again. Since we started using HIGH5 Slow Release it has played an important part in our day-to-day training and racing to provide us with long-lasting fuel. It also tastes great, which is important when the riders need a lot to stay fuelled.”
Robert Gorgos, BORA – hansgrohe Head Nutritionist

Longer lasting fuel for sport

During endurance exercise your body relies on carbohydrates for energy to keep you going. Currently sports nutrition is focused around products that get absorbed quickly so you can get a fast energy boost. That makes a lot of sense when your energy levels are already dropping towards the end of your ride or run but is this the best strategy for endurance performance? A slower and more durable source of energy will keep your energy levels more constant.

HIGH5’s Slow Release Energy range contains Isomaltulose, a slowly digested low glycaemic carbohydrate (it has a low GI of 32, compared to a high GI of 86 for maltodextrin), that provides you with a stable and sustained energy supply for longer-lasting fuel during sport.

Isomaltulose is different from fast-releasing carbohydrates such as sucrose or corn syrup as its digestion and absorption rate is much slower resulting in less insulin release. Digestive enzymes hydrolyse Isomaltulose four to five times more slowly than sucrose because of a strong glucose-fructose bond. This in turn results in a slower release of glucose, slower intestinal absorption, and a longer-lasting fuel supply to the body and brain. For athletes this means a constant stream of energy over a longer period of time.

HIGH5 Slow Release Energy

The slower but complete digestion and absorption of Isomaltulose creates a longer-lasting and steadier blood glucose response (unlike the big drop you see with high GI carbohydrates), which also reduces the release of insulin.

New electrolyte complex

Our new Slow Release Energy range has also been enhanced with Ocean Minerals. This is our most advanced electrolyte complex yet, providing you with an invigorating hit of magnesium and over 70 minerals and trace elements, to help you balance your electrolytes during sport. At HIGH5, we’re always looking to use natural ingredients where possible and it doesn’t get more natural than sourcing minerals from seawater.

Developed and Tested with BORA – hansgrohe

The new Slow Release Energy range has been in development for some time, testing and tweaking the formulation and taste until we were satisfied the result tastes great. As part of our thorough development work, we’ve also been putting the products to the test with our partner BORA – hansgrohe to ensure the products deliver in the real world, under the toughest conditions.

‘My energy levels feel a lot better throughout a ride. When taking Slow Release Energy Products, I can really notice how my energy is more stable. And the new flavours taste great!’
Pascal Ackermann, BORA – hansgrohe

‘I really like that the electrolytes are natural. The products also taste refreshing.’
Lennard Kämna, BORA – hansgrohe

‘It’s really helpful when you can fuel your body from the beginning of a ride, knowing that you won’t hit the wall later on. I feel like I have a more constant energy supply throughout. Blackcurrant is my favourite flavour!’
Marcus Burghardt, BORA – hansgrohe

HIGH5 Slow Release Energy

The Slow Release Energy range

Available in all the main formats, drink, bar and gel, so you can take Slow Release Energy the way that works best for you. Just like our fast release energy products, we’ve only used natural flavours, no colourings or artificial sweeteners.

HIGH5 Slow Release Energy
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