We meet Veloforte: ‘The World’s finest endurance nutrition’

Veloforte: ‘The World’s finest endurance nutrition’

The UK triathon sports nutrition market was worth around £31 Million in 2016 (source: Triathlon Industry Association UK Triathlete survey), and when you consider runners, cyclists and other activities, sports nutrition it is a significant category for the UK economy.

With that market comes plenty of brands and products looking to satisfy that demand and new to the market is Veloforte, who claim to have ‘The World’s finest endurance nutrition’, handcrafted and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Based on an ancient Italian fortifier originally carried by the Roman Legions, Veloforte combines exceptional performance, incredible taste & 100% natural ingredients into a multiple Gold award-winning recipe.

The bars are designed to help you fuel better and are made entirely from natural ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits and berries, dates, unrefined sugar, honey and spices.

We spoke to Marc Giusti, founder of Veloforte at the London Bike Show to find out more about the product.

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Marc Giusti Veloforte

For more information, visit www.veloforte.cc

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