Five simple ways to ride faster in 2019

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FIVE top cycling tips from AeroCoach founder Xavier Disley

Yesterday (HERE) we brought you an interview with and background on Xavier Disley, the founder of cycling aerodynamics specialists, AeroCoach (

We spent some time with Xavier at the end of 2018 at the Boardman Performance Centre wind tunnel in Evesham, a highly sophisticated and advanced tool for optimising cycling performance. While access to such facilities is gradually becoming more accessible to the wider public (a key goal of the Boardman Performance Centre), and new facilities are being developed such as the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, there is still significant scope to ensure you are making the best of your current set up by ensuring some of the basics are covered first.

With that in mind, what were the top five key pieces of advice for triathletes from AeroCoach?

Check them out in the video below:

YouTube video

A rider will typically contribute circa 70-80% of the aerodynamic drag of the overall system, and so working on elements related to the rider and their position will generally be the most important and cost effective.


Xavier’s Top Tips:

  1. LEARN TO RIDE IN YOUR AERO POSITION – You can have the most aerodynamic and optimised position, but if you have not trained to ride it and have to constantly sit up or fidget because of it, you will lose huge amounts of time. Plan this into your training… for free!
  2. CLOTHING – You don’t have to buy the most expensive kit, but making sure that what you do wear fits closely and does not flap in the wind is important.
  3. AERO HELMET – An aero helmet is a practical and effective upgrade. It can be difficult to work out which is the best for you however – and remember that comfort and visibility is personal… you need to be able to use it.
  4. TYRES – Good quality, low rolling resistance tyres are a practical and cost effective upgrade and well worth the relatively small investment, particularly if you are currently running very basic / cheap tyres. There is plenty of data available to help with these decisions, for example this recent test by AeroCoach on the new Continental Grand Prix 5000.
  5. BIKE NEEDS TO FIT YOU! – There are lots of potential performance upgrades in terms of components, wheels and more aero frames available. One key element however is to ensure that whatever frame you are using is one that fits you. Given the importance of the riders position to the overall drag, even having the ‘best’ bike will not work if it is too large / small to enable you to have a good position on it.
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