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Improve your Bike Power: Webinar replay and FREE eBook download

Last Monday, in conjunction with Team Oxygenaddict ( and Head Coach Rob Wilby, we hosted an informative, 60-minute webinar entitled BIKE POWER: The Key to Triathlon Success.

If you missed that session, then you can now catch-up on it all as the full webinar replay is now available for your to view at your leisure. To access it, simply click HERE.

Oxygenaddict Webinar Replay

The webinar covered:

  • Why turning “traditional winter base training” on its head is the most effective approach to bike training
  • Why training with exact intensities will help you maximise progress while recovering quickly…
  • …And a walk-through of specific training sessions to achieve it
  • FTP tests – what, why, when & how
  • The “FTP Halo Effect” of bike training on your run ability & overall triathlon performance
  • When & how to switch your training focus from power to endurance building

*** FREE 20-page eBook ***

Accompanying that webinar was a free eBook, which contains 10 detailed bike training sessions designed by Rob and regularly used by Team Oxygenaddict’s triathletes. 2-3 of these sessions per week, alongside a longer, lower intensity outdoor ride sees typical athletes increase their power, on average, by 8% over an 8-week period. If you are looking for some free guidance for the types of sessions you could be doing on the turbo over the coming months, CLICK HERE and get a copy!

TRI247 / Team Oxygenaddict eBook - iMPROVE YOUR BIKE POWER

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