Endless Pool Swimming Sessions in West London

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Our friends at Swim For Tri (www.swimfortri.co.uk) are offering morning and evening sessions in their Endless Pool. They have various options available, the 1-2-1 lessons being very popular with swimmers of all abilities.

If you are looking to improve your swim technique, starting out with some experienced help is the best ways to go about this. You will spend time with an experienced coach looking at your style and you will get instant feedback and be able to see your stroke filmed via the underwater cameras.

Being able to see what you are doing underwater makes it much easier to analyse and develop your stroke and from experience is probably one of the best value ways of improving in the swim.

Swim for Tri have been utilising endless pools for many years with great success and will be able to tune your swim for better results in competition. Using Swim Pro software they will quickly have you swimming better, faster or more efficiently.

If you are looking for swim advice in West London, visit the Swim for Tri website and get some expert help.

Location: Swim Fulham, 7 Dawe Road, Fulham. SW6 7EN.

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