Ocean Walker Academy: A UK first for inclusive swimming

The Ocean Walker Academy has announced the opening of the United Kingdom’s first fully inclusive open water and pool facility on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The new purpose-built swimming facility includes a stunning 7-acre lake for open-water swimming, an indoor endless pool, training and water therapy areas plus a gym.

Not only will the venue be ideal for elite competitors, the lake includes shallow spots and easy access to disabled swimmers and children to enjoy their swimming experience in a safe environment.

Ocean Walker Academy
Ocean Walker Academy – the UK’s first fully inclusive open-water and pool facility

The brains behind the project

The founders – and brains behind the academy – are Adam Walker and Gemma Clarke. Adam was the first British individual to complete seven of the world’s toughest ocean swims and is the creator of the Ocean Walker Swimming Technique – a swimming style suitable for amateurs and professionals both in the pool and in the open water, while Gemma coaches the technique at the facility.

The duo’s passion is to encourage swimmers of all abilities to achieve their goals using their unique swimming style centered around efficiency and helping individuals with injuries overcome their limitations.

Ocean Walker Academy

Ocean Walker Academy: what they said

Adam Walker, Founder:

“I believe that swimming truly is for everyone, and having developed my technique that helped me achieve the toughest swims in the world, I can help all body types and abilities to improve their swimming. We are inclusive of all people and want to help show it is not too late and it is possible to stay active and enjoy swimming!” 

Ashley Jenkins, Cerebral Palsy sufferer:

This facility is the first of its kind. It has been built by someone who has struggled and battled through injury and come out on top. The Ocean Walker Academy allows others who may find it too difficult to swim, or believe their body’s condition would prevent them from being able to be active, to see that there is a way.” 

You can find out more about The Ocean Walker Academy via their website: https://oceanwalkeracademy.com/

Ocean Walker Academy
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