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Remote swim analysis by Swim for Tri

If swimming is the discipline you feel you need to spend some time and effort developing then you are not alone. Dan Bullock from London based swim coaching specialists, Swim For Tri ( explains a little about their online swim analysis service.

One of the biggest benefits of the service? You can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from Dan and Swim For Tri’s years of expertise, enabling you to put their guidance into practice to fit your swim times.

You will need a friend to help get some video footage of you swimming and this could be on an action camera or a phone (if it’s waterproof, as many are now). He points out that while underwater footage is a great addition, it is not essential.

When it comes to online swim analysis, the more video footage you can supply, the more they can discover the areas within your technique that might be holding you back. If you can send surface as well as submerged video, so much the better – but please do consider privacy issues with underwater filming. Always check with the pool manager and get the appropriate permissions before starting any filming.

SwimFor Tri Online Coaching

Once you’ve signed up to the service you can share your video files with them via Dropbox, Youtube, Vimeo etc where you can send Dan your uploaded links. Keep the video ‘unlisted’ if you don’t want the world to analyse your swim technique. It’s all quite straight forward.

Even an email might be ok as long as you don’t go over-the-top on file size. Dropbox is pretty easy and will open a file up into a media player automatically. Here’s an example in Dropbox.

What to video

When filming a swimmer at a one-on-one swim lesson, Dan takes the following angles to really get to see the swimmers actions above the water. This is great if you don’t have the benefit of a camera able to go under THE water.

  • Head on surface shot and reverse
  • Side surface view
  • Aerial shot

A lot of information can be extracted from these angles even without the benefit of underwater filming. If you are going overseas on a training camp you might well have the luxury of underwater filming and then they can really address some issues from your videos. Ask a friend who might have an action camera like a GoPro, they are sure to help you out with the kit and quite probably the filming.

Swim For Tri Online Coaching

As a bit of background, Dan will want to know a bit more to help you get the best from the service:

  • Your race distances
  • Date of races
  • The times you would like to achieve
  • A little background on any injuries or mobility issues
  • How much pool time available each week
  • If open water swimming is available to you.

Post analysis

You will be supplied with a selection of drills to work on which will either restrict bad habits or encourage good habits from their professionally filmed drills library. Here’s an example video:

YouTube video

Could this service work for you? Get in touch with Dan directly via [email protected] with any specific questions and to find out more about this service.

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