Swim For Tri 1-2-1 West London coaching sessions available now

Our good friends at Swim For Tri have just launched their West London swim coaching sessions.

If you are that side of the capital, why not book in for a session to suit you and get prepared for the season ahead?

Morning and evening sessions are available. Bespoke 1-2-1 swimming lessons will improve your technique. All instructors are BTF or ASA qualified and all have supplemented their learning through racing Tri and Openwater.

An Endless Pool lesson will help you learn to swim more effectively through learning to feel when you are streamlined and when you create drag. This is made easier as the water flows around you. SFT were one of the first to offer this style of teaching back in 2003 and created many unique exercises that will accelerate your progress.

You will spend one hour with one of our senior coaches. You will receive instant feedback from your swimming via underwater cameras and the Swim Pro software. Filming will be sent to you after your lesson with feedback.

Give them a call on 0207 247 2998 (Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm) or purchase via their online shop.

Location: Swim Fulham, 16/18 Dawe Road Fulham SW6 7EN

Swim for Tri

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