Triathlon swimming made simple

Steven Lord talks triathlon swimming at the recent Giant Store St. Paul's Triathlon Evening

Steven Lord goes back-to-basics with triathlon swimming

“You need to turn up… making swimming interesting is almost the most important thing”

Giant Store St. Paul’s Triathlon Evenings

We’ve been covering the great triathlon specials that have been held recently at the Giant Store St. Paul’s in Central London (check what is coming up in the series HERE).

At the recent swim special on 2nd February, Steven Lord ( spoke about building a swim training plan and making it work.

This – in the opinion of this Editor – is triathlon GOLD.

Swimming can be exceptionally complicated and is typically the discipline that many triathletes, especially those from a running and cycling background, struggle with the most.

However… before you start looking for marginal gains, get the basics right!

This video is just eight and a half minutes long. If you are feeling confused about your own swimming training plan and feel you need to go back to the drawing board, then this is essential viewing.

For more advice from Steven on this topic, visit his coaching blog HERE.

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