FREE Webinar TONIGHT! – Winter Bike Training

Team Oxygenaddict / bike

Monday January 27th 2020 at 8pm UK-time

The WHAT, the HOW, the WHY and the WHEN of bike training for triathletes

Hosted by Rob Wilby, the Head Coach and Founder of Team Oxygenaddict (, you are invited to join our live, 60-minute webinar which is specifically dedicated to helping you to make the most of your limited training time on the bike while still making big gains with perhaps less training than you thought was required.

This webinar builds upon Rob’s recent article on TRI247, which introduced the most effective training to improve your bike leg.

Team Oxygennaddict Bike Webinar

The webinar will include:

  • Why turning “traditional winter base training” on its head is the most effective approach to bike training
  • Why training with exact intensities will help you maximise progress while recovering quickly…
  • …And a walk-through of specific training sessions to achieve it
  • FTP tests – what, why, when & how
  • The “FTP Halo Effect” of bike training on your run ability & overall triathlon performance
  • When & how to switch your training focus from power to endurance building

Get a FREE eBook too!

All of those registered for Monday’s webinar will also a receive a free, 20-page eBook. The eBook contains 10 detailed bike training sessions designed by Rob and regularly used by Team Oxygenaddict’s triathletes. 2-3 of these sessions per week, alongside a longer, lower intensity outdoor ride sees typical athletes increase their power on average by 8% over an 8-week period.


TRI247 / Team OxygenAddict Webinar - Bike Power