FREE Zwift Custom Workout: The Giant

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FREE Zwift Custom Workout Plan – Simon George: ‘The Giant’

As part of the TRI247 Workout Series on Zwift we now have available from last night (2nd May) ‘The Giant’ custom workout file used by Simon George in our latest weekly group workout session.

You can also find links to the files of all of our previous sessions below too.

Simon George

The Session:

30 second intervals – just how hard can it be? Well, when you have 10 off them, with just 15 seconds recovery – and then repeat that set three times through – pretty damn tough! When you get to interval seven of the first set, you know you will make it through the ten. You also know that it will certainly get ‘interesting’ when you get start the third set of that block!

A great, ‘bang for your buck’ session, during which you will spend a total of 15 minutes at VO2 Max Power (125% FTP), separated by two five-minute Sweetspot (90%) efforts. Highly recommended.


The main session structure is:

Following a progressive warm up and ending with a cool-down period, the main elements of ‘The Giant’ one hour session are:

Set 1
5*10secs ascending Z6 [120/130/140/150/160%]
20secs Z1 [50%] recovery intervals

Set 2
5min Z4 [90%] Sweetspot

Sets 3/4/5
10*30secs Z6 [125%]
15secs Z2 [60%] recovery intervals

3min Z1 [50%] recovery between sets

Set 6
5min Z4 [90%] Sweetspot

Simon George

Many thanks to Simon George for setting the session and leading another excellent Wednesday night TRI247 Workout Series. Details of next week’s session will be released very soon.

Join us every Wednesday night at 7pm, UK-time for a different triathlon-focussed workout (typically of around one hour), set and lead by a special guest.

You can download the file here (and check out the installation instructions below):

TRI247 Workout Series: ‘Simon George – The Giant’ DOWNLOAD

TRI247 Workout Series Zwift Simon George The Giant

Custom Workout downloads from previous Zwift sessions:

For details on how to add workout files to Zwift:

The .ZWO file stands for a Zwift Work-Out file. When someone creates a custom workout (whether it be you, a friend, or a coach), Zwift generates a .ZWO file that contains the entire workout. You can share it with your friends or other Zwifters – or add their workouts to your device – by following the steps below.

PC / Mac

Go to your Documents\Zwift\Workouts folder, find the “.zwo” file, and send it to your friend. Any .zwo files you move to your Documents\Zwift\Workouts folder will be added to your custom workouts menu the next time you launch the game.


In order to add custom workouts to iOS, you need to also have a computer with iTunes installed. It’s not currently possible to create custom workouts on iOS (as of 01/2017).

  • Plug your device into your computer and open up iTunes.
  • Click on your device in iTunes, then click “Apps” and scroll down to the “File Sharing” section.
  • You should see Zwift listed, and it should have a “Zwift” folder. Click that, click “Save To,” and save it to a location of your choice.
  • Find the saved Zwift folder, and copy all the workouts you want into the Zwift/Workouts folder
  • Go back to iTunes, click “Add,” and choose the Zwift folder with the new workout files. You’ll want to “replace” the folder on the device with your newly modified folder.
  • Click “Sync” to save the changes to the device.

When you start Zwift, they will show up in your Custom Workouts section at the bottom of the available Workouts.

Source: Support Zwift 

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