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Fri 9th Dec 2016
Rob Wilby: wet in Manchester
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 17th May 2012

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Rob Wilby is racing at Ironman France next month as part of Team Livestrong (, alongside Lance Armstrong who will be racing his first Ironman this year in Nice.

After his introduction last month, here Rob updates us on his (lack of...) training and a very cold, very wet Manchester Marathon. A warm day in the south of France should be easy after that.

If you are able to donate a few £'s towards Rob's fundraising campaign (see link below), he would also be very grateful. This Editor for one, is very aware of just how valuable the work in finding solutions to cancer is.

So, a quick update from me on my training for Ironman France. It'll be quick because there's not a lot of training to update you on!

I entered the Manchester Marathon because I knew that I'd need a kick in the pants to get some long runs done, and that without an event in the near future it wouldn't happen. It did the trick. I lined up with a grand total of three long runs under my belt, totalling about seven hours of running between them, done on the way home from work along an old railway line between Warrington and Manchester. The way things turned out on Marathon race day, I'd have been better off spending the time in the pool.

We had torrential rain for 48 hours, screaming Northerly winds and a temperature hovering around 4° degrees. Shivering with hundreds of other poor souls in the park coffee shop 15 minutes before the race was due to start, I decided better of stripping off to my vest and shorts and instead ran the whole way in my thermals, Gore Tex jacket, hat and gloves. Ah, summer in Manchester. I was still cold most of the way round, and got colder as the lack of miles in my legs led to the inevitable slowing down over the last 10k. Still, there were plenty of smiling faces on the supporters who were out in their hundreds, handing out jelly babies along the route. If they gave out Kona slots for consuming roadside sweets, I wouldn't need to even try my luck in the roll down.

With a little over five weeks to race day, I think I've got time to bank a couple more long runs and hopefully the weather will break for long enough for me to get in a couple of century rides. I'm hoping that my body remembers that it's done this a few times before!

More importantly, it's time to start the fundraising campaign. I've pledged to raise $2000 for Livestrong, and it's time to start badgering everyone I know for a few quid. So, I'm going to start with you. Over 8 million people were diagnosed with cancer last year, and only about 30% of cancers can currently be cured, even if detected early. The money you donate will go to help improve the quality of life of the global cancer community.

If you can spare £5, or any amount, please visit my page at

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