Is technology fuelling exercise addiction?

Can’t get enough of Strava / Garmin Connect and tracking, recording and comparing everything? New research links the use of health technologies to the risk of exercise addiction

Balancing Performance, Health and Longevity

Training Peaks Endurance Coaching Summit 2017

Professor Paul Laursen on balancing performance, health and longevity

As part of his recent U.S. road trip (more on that HERE), Simon Ward spent time at the Training Peaks Endurance Coaching Summit.

We’ve already published his discussion with six-time IRONMAN World Champion, Dave Scott (HERE), and in this feature Simon chats to Professor Paul Laursen ( The subject of the discussion is the interaction between Performance, Health and Longevity.

Why is sodium crucial for triathletes?

Why is sodium so key for triathletes? Andy Blow, founder of Precision Hydration explains how sodium works in an athletes body and why it is essential

Mental preparation for injuries, training and racing

Two-time Olympian (and park run record holder…!), Andy Baddeley talks about his approaches to mental preparation in relation to injuries, training and racing at the recent Giant Store St. Paul’s Triathlon evening special event in Central London.

Andy Baddeley is a double Olympian and former world number one over the mile.

He is an Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth finalist at 1500m. A Cambridge University graduate, he has also battled a serious heart condition, and has spoken openly about the depression he suffered as a result of a potentially career-ending injury. With the help of key members of the Performance Team, he returned to competition at elite level, and is ideally placed to help aspiring athletes to achieve their goals.

Andy Baddeley, one of the Performance Team founders (pic Mark Shearman)
(Pic Mark Shearman)

The seven most common medical issues in endurance athletes

Are these common medical symptoms impacting you?

One of the speakers at the recent Giant Store St. Paul’s ‘Run Special‘ evening was Dr John Rogers, the Chief Medical Officer of British Triathlon.

John’s presentation on the evening focussed on the seven most common medical issues he consistently sees in endurance athletes, including triathletes.

Even if you are ‘healthy’ now, this is well worth a watch to spot potential issues and symptoms before they became major problems.

Dr John Rogers is the British Triathlon Chief Medical Officer and founder of The Performance Team.

He is a specialist sports medicine consultant who also works with British Athletics and Team GB. He is a former N. Ireland international middle distance runner and a Professor of Sport and Exercise Medicine at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dr John Rogers on the seven most common medical issues for endurance athletes

Injury treatment…ice or heat?

Often people will use medication, ice or heat, to make themselves feel better after an injury – but how do they effect the healing?

Physio Corner – Achilles Tendonitis

Physio4Life, an award winning physiotherapy clinic specialising in athletes, are delivering advice on how to treat common injuries associated with triathlon

Physio Corner – Plantar Fasciitis

Physio4Life, an award winning physiotherapy clinic specialising in athletes, are delivering advice on how to treat common injuries associated with triathlon

Inside the mind of a champion

Tri247 staffer, Annie Emmerson, talks to former elite athlete Loretta Harrop about the mental and physical challenges facing someone at the top of the sport

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