Nevis Triathlon #5: The race day experience

The final part of our retrospective look back at the Nevis Triathlon travelogue of Paul Shanley’s Caribbean visit in 2014. After all the travel, tourism and culture, how did the event go?!

Nevis Triathlon #4: Up the mountain

Today is the penultimate part of our retrospective travelogue series from Tri247’s Paul Shanley, looking back on his experience at the 2014 Nevis Triathlon.

Nevis Triathlon #3: Around the island

It’s time for part three of our look back to 2014 and the Nevis Triathlon experience of Tri247’s Paul Shanley, who got to tour the island and meet several of the characters that make Nevis special

Nevis Triathlon #2: Island hopping

With the 2018 edition taking place this week, part two of our own visit four years ago to the Caribbean for the Nevis Triathlon. Island hopping and hotels are on the menu today…

Heading to Tenby: IRONMAN Wales 2018 preview

IRONMAN Wales in Tenby has created its own legend. One of the toughest races on the circuit, it’s an event that the athletes love and the town embraces. Paul Shanley looks ahead to Sunday’s race – one in which he will be on the start line for!

Train with Paul Shanley on Zwift #2

A warm-up for your Commonwealth Games viewing perhaps, this weeks TRI247 Workout Series on Zwift will be exactly 70.3 Minutes long, lead by Paul Shanley

Becoming a Knight of Sufferlandria

What is a ‘Knight of Sufferlandria’, and how do you become one?! Paul Shanley took on the task and reports back here on what was a very painful experience

10 things I learned on SUFCamp 2017

How good was “The most unique cycling holiday in the world”? That’s what SUFCamp promised – and it truly delivered. Paul Shanley reports on his experience.