Chrissie Wellington WINS** London Marathon

Doing the race ‘for fun’, the retired 4-time IRONMAN World Champion, Chrissie Wellington, finishes the London Marathon in a swift 2:49… and wins her age-group!


Plenty of life left in the ‘retired’ IRONMAN legend Chrissie Wellington

(** The F40-44 Age-Group)

Of course, she didn’t ‘win’ overall – but the retired / doing it for fun / working mum, Chrissie Wellington, has just finished the London Marathon in 2:49:01. Chrissie finished London 15 years ago in 2002 (a 3:08), which in many ways started her endurance sporting career. It looks like another trophy too, this time as category winner in the F40-44 age-group!

It also means that I personally started this year with a faster half marathon PB than Lucy Gossage and a faster marathon PB than Chrissie. Appropriately, both of those marks have been #chicked in the last two months!

Chrissie Wellington - London Marathon 2017

We’ll have more marathon stats for you soon…

Chrissie Wellington - London Marathon 2017
Chrissie Wellington - London Marathon 2017
And it was for charity
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