Triathlon Training Spain unveils new Masters of Tri brand

Triathlon Training Spain announces launch of new brand and website redesign Masters of Tri

Triathlon​ ​Training​ ​Spain,​ ​today​ ​unveiled​ ​a​ ​new​ ​brand​ ​and​ ​website​ ​redesign​ ​to​ ​relaunch​ ​its​ ​offering​ ​to athletes​ ​wishing​ ​to​ ​specifically​ ​focus​ ​on​ ​training​ ​across​ ​the​ ​triathlon​ ​disciplines​ ​of​ ​cycling,​ ​running​ ​and swimming.​ ​Welcome​ ​to​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri.

Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri,​ ​a​ ​family-owned​ ​business​ ​run​ ​by​ ​father​ ​and​ ​son​ ​team​ ​Martin​ ​and​ ​Matt​ ​Hill,​ ​delivers​ ​their unique​ ​triathlon​ ​training​ ​approach​ ​built​ ​on​ ​three​ ​specific​ ​steps​ ​which​ ​have​ ​proved​ ​to​ ​be​ ​extremely successful​ ​over​ ​their​ ​30+​ ​years,​ ​working​ ​with​ ​athletes,​ ​from​ ​beginners​ ​to​ ​professionals.​ ​These​ ​three steps​ ​are:

  • Assess​​ ​-​ ​Each​ ​athlete​ ​is​ ​individually​ ​assessed​ ​by​ ​the​ ​coaches​ ​so​ ​they​ ​fully​ ​understand​ ​their abilities​ ​using​ ​various​ ​tools.​ ​The​ ​assessment​ ​continues​ ​throughout​ ​the​ ​duration​ ​of​ ​the​ ​camp.
  • Advise​​ ​-​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri​ ​coaches​ ​will​ ​accurately​ ​and​ ​scientifically​ ​advise​ ​athletes​ ​during​ ​each camp​ ​on​ ​areas​ ​of​ ​development​ ​and​ ​improvement.
  • Accelerate​​ ​-​ ​Small​ ​changes​ ​in​ ​the​ ​way​ ​the​ ​coaches​ ​advise​ ​athletes​ ​provide​ ​significant​ ​gains both​ ​during​ ​the​ ​camp​ ​and​ ​for​ ​future​ ​development.

The​ ​new​ ​brand​ ​identity​ ​for​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri​ ​represents​ ​the​ ​three​ ​core​ ​disciplines​ ​of​ ​Triathlon.​ ​Moreover, the​ ​use​ ​of​ ​the​ ​colours​ ​-​ ​bronze,​ ​silver,​ ​gold​ ​-​ ​represents​ ​athletes’​ ​progress​ ​on​ ​their​ ​own​ ​individual journeys,​ ​and​ ​progression​ ​in​ ​their​ ​sport.​ ​The​ ​website​ ​informs​ ​and​ ​invites​ ​athletes​ ​to​ ​engage​ ​in​ ​an exclusive​ ​training​ ​experience​ ​on​ ​location​ ​in​ ​Spain​ ​and​ ​other​ ​European​ ​destinations​ ​such​ ​as​ ​the​ ​UK, Sweden,​ ​Turkey,​ ​Lanzarote​ ​and​ ​Gran​ ​Canaria.​ ​Coaching​ ​is​ ​also​ ​available​ ​online​ ​to​ ​make​ ​it​ ​accessible to​ ​athletes​ ​all​ ​over​ ​the​ ​world.

Martin​ ​Hill,​ ​Founder,​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri,​ ​comments:

“We​ ​are​ ​excited​ ​to​ ​launch​ ​our​ ​new​ ​website​ ​and​ ​brand,​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri.​ ​It​ ​consolidates​ ​the​ ​unique coaching​ ​and​ ​training​ ​camp​ ​service​ ​we​ ​deliver,​ ​to​ ​an​ ​international​ ​audience​ ​of​ ​athletes​ ​of​ ​all​ ​abilities, from​ ​beginners​ ​through​ ​to​ ​professionals​ ​in​ ​the​ ​sport.

“As​ ​coaches,​ ​we​ ​experience​ ​a​ ​huge​ ​amount​ ​of​ ​pleasure​ ​from​ ​seeing​ ​our​ ​athletes​ ​achieve​ ​their​ ​goals​ ​- from​ ​novice​ ​athletes​ ​who​ ​achieve​ ​their​ ​next​ ​level,​ ​to​ ​others​ ​who​ ​achieve​ ​‘World​ ​Championship’ qualifications.

“We​ ​want​ ​to​ ​be​ ​a​ ​game​ ​changer​ ​for​ ​every​ ​athlete,​ ​to​ ​help​ ​them​ ​improve​ ​and​ ​perfect​ ​their performance,​ ​throughout​ ​the​ ​entire​ ​season,​ ​providing​ ​inspirational​ ​training​ ​all​ ​year​ ​round.”

Matt​ ​Hill,​ ​Coach,​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri​ ​comments:

“It​ ​is​ ​our​ ​job​ ​to​ ​notice​ ​subtle,​ ​almost​ ​imperceptible,​ ​differences​ ​that​ ​can​ ​change​ ​a​ ​triathlete’s performance.​ ​We​​ ​​advance​ ​each​ ​athlete​ ​inch-by-inch​ ​to​ ​achieve​ ​a​ ​better​ ​time​ ​to​ ​build​ ​their​ ​endurance further​ ​and​ ​accelerate​ ​them​ ​to​ ​achieve​ ​their​ ​goals.​ ​The​ ​best​ ​coaches​ ​inspire​ ​and​ ​encourage​ ​their athletes.​ ​Keeping​ ​it​ ​simple,​ ​they​ ​notice​ ​the​ ​little​ ​things​ ​that​ ​create​ ​great​ ​change​ ​that​ ​can​ ​be transferred​ ​into​ ​opportunities​ ​on​ ​the​ ​race​ ​course.​ ​This​ ​approach​ ​sums​ ​up​ ​our​ ​approach​ ​to​ ​coaching and​ ​the​ ​bonds​ ​we​ ​develop​ ​with​ ​our​ ​athletes.”

Martin​ ​is​ ​a​ ​Trisutto​ ​certified​ ​coach​ ​and​ ​his​ ​son​ ​Matt,​ ​is​ ​an​ ​IRONMAN​ ​and​ ​ASA​ ​certified​ ​coach,​ ​who brings​ ​his​ ​national-level​ ​swim​ ​expertise​ ​to​ ​the​ ​tailor-made​ ​training​ ​programmes.​ ​In​ ​addition,​ ​Matt​ ​is​ ​a postural​ ​correction​ ​and​ ​strength​ ​training​ ​specialist​ ​who​ ​focuses​ ​on​ ​techniques​ ​to​ ​help​ ​athletes​ ​reach new​ ​levels.

Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri​ ​training​ ​camps,​ ​located​ ​in​ ​Spain,​ ​cater​ ​for​ ​triathletes​ ​-​ ​swimmers,​ ​swim-runners, runners,​ ​and​ ​cyclists​ ​-​ ​of​ ​all​ ​levels,​ ​who​ ​are​ ​looking​ ​for​ ​a​ ​camp​ ​that​ ​offers​ ​an​ ​all-in-one​ ​experience. Each​ ​athlete​ ​benefits​ ​from​ ​a​ ​personalised​ ​experience​ ​with​ ​a​ ​1:5​ ​coach​ ​to​ ​athlete​ ​ratio​ ​and​ ​have access​ ​to​ ​expert​ ​coaches​ ​at​ ​all​ ​times,​ ​ensuring​ ​they​ ​receive​ ​the​ ​required​ ​amount​ ​of​ ​coaching.

In​ ​addition​ ​to​ ​hosting​ ​individuals,​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tr​i​ ​​welcomes​ ​both​ ​small​ ​and​ ​larger​ ​groups​​ ​​of​ ​triathletes and​ ​cyclists.​ ​Assisting​ ​these​ ​groups,​ ​the​ ​team​ ​provide​ ​guided​ ​or​ ​coach-assisted​ ​support​ ​to​ ​help improve​ ​overall​ ​experience.

Tailor-made​​ ​​online​​ ​​coaching​​ ​​is​​ ​​a​​ ​​key​​ ​​service​​ ​​offered​​ ​​by​​ ​​Masters​​ ​​of​​ ​​Tri.​​ ​​The​​ ​​services​​ ​​provide​​ ​​athletes with​​ ​​unlimited​​ ​​24/7​​ ​​access​​ ​​to​​ ​​coaches,​​ ​​allowing​​ ​​complete​​ ​​adaptability​​ ​​to​​ ​​each​​ ​​athletes​​ ​​lifestyle.​ ​There are​ ​no​ ​limits​ ​and​ ​no​ ​tiers;​ ​finding​ ​out​ ​and​ ​understanding​ ​each​ ​athletes​ ​​needs​​ ​​and​​ ​​aspirations​ ​is​ ​the key​ ​to​ ​​delivering​​ ​​a​ ​complete,​​ ​​and​​ ​​adaptable​​ ​​training​​ ​​schedule.

To​ ​learn​ ​more​ ​about​ ​Masters​ ​of​ ​Tri,​ ​please​ ​visit​ ​​

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