Sigma Sport to become Sigma Sports

Changes are coming to Sigma Sport in January 2018 – one (extra) letter at a time! Check out the new brand of Sigma Sports


Sigma Sports new look and logo

Many years ago when we were looking to set up TRI247, Sigma Sport was one of the first triathlon companies we went to see with our plans. From the very beginning they were really supportive in not only the idea, but helping us to bring it to life. We are always thankful for that help and advice, and are happy to recommend them to triathletes.

Sigma Sport to become Sigma Sports

From the 16th January 2018 you are going to notice a change both in store and online. A small change, but significant in the long run – Sigma Sport is now becoming Sigma Sports.

Over 25 years, Sigma Sport has evolved from a pop-up shop run from a founder’s bedroom to an international online retailer, with a flagship store that attracts visitors from around the world. The hard work and dedication of our customers has always been the driving force behind our commitment to offering expert advice and a bespoke customer service.

On 16th January 2018, Sigma Sport will become Sigma Sports, with a new brand identity inspired by those who share our love of the sport.

We wish them all the best with the new look. To read more about the change visit the Sigma Sport website (soon to become Sigma Sports website).

Sigma Sports

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