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Fri 19th Dec 2014
Gatorade Video Tips, Day Five - Transitions
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 4th August 2008

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Gatorade, sponsors of the UK’s leading triathlon events such as the Mazda London Triathlon and Ironman UK, have produced a series of triathlon training tip vodcasts in conjunction with the Junior Elite World Champions triathlon coach Jack Maitland. Topics covered in the series include essential equipment for triathlon, open-water swimming, transitions, biking for triathlon, running for triathlon and a general overview of top tips for triathlon.

Split into manageable, bite-size chunks, the short films are bursting with helpful tips designed to encourage and fuel triathletes to success. The commentary by pro triathlete coach Jack Maitland, who coaches up-and-coming Gatorade triathlon stars Jonathon and Alistair Brownlee, carefully describes each stage of a triathlon with each vodcast focusing on different techniques.

Jack Maitland said, “The Gatorade Triathlon Training series will be useful for athletes trying to improve their technique. Being able to see exactly how experienced triathletes perform some of the moves is very beneficial and will allow them to introduce these to their own training." The tips will help both beginners and experienced athletes alike in preparation for some of this summer’s top triathlon events including The Mazda London Triathlon and the Fun2Tri series.

Day Five - Transition tips

Why not check out the other videos in this series:

Race day

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