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Thu 8th Dec 2016
USN Active Electrolyte Drink
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 23rd September 2010

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USN - Ultimate Sports Nutrition ( are the market leaders in sports supplements/nutrition in South Africa, and look set to enter the UK market in a big way during 2011, with their all new Endurance range of products.

One of those products is their Active Electrolyte Drink - which aims to provide you with more than just water alone can do.

Water forms a huge part of our body and its processes, and making sure you are hydrated is really important for health and performance both at work and in training. Hydration with water alone can be effective in replenishing fluid levels, however when you perspire you lose more than just water. As everyone knows your sweat is salty, and when we sweat we lose important minerals that are key components in normal bodily function, energy conversion and repair and growth.

Failure to replenish these key minerals will mean your body will have a deficit and it can slow down your recovery and can weaken your immune system.

Sports drinks offer two massive benefits over water alone. Firstly they help maintain electrolyte balance and your fluid levels, This ensures your body remains efficient in energy conversion, thermoregulation and fuelling your performance. Secondly they also offer a good source of energy in themselves. It has been shown that the right sports drink will promote exercise performance and tolerance, as well as muscle recovery, during physical exercise. This combination ensures rapid energy conversion, while still promoting stabile blood sugar levels throughout an event.

It is important to consider what type of sports fuel you take on board. USN have a range of ready to drink products to help you maintain hydration and provide you with energy during exercise in the form of USN Active Sports Drinks in Orange and Blueberry Flavour. Click here for more details.

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USN Active Electrolyte Drink

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