Best Dryrobe alternatives: Budget-friendly, sustainable and race day ready changing robes

Looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous Dryrobe? We’ve pulled together a list of some of the top Dryrobe alternatives. Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly, or the best option for triathlon race day. Our round-up of the best changing robes will help you to find the Dryrobe alternative that’s right for you.

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Writer and long course triathlete Jenny Lucas-Hill, who's been known to wear her changing robe everywhere from a triathlon transition zone to the local pub, gives you the low down on the best Dryrobe alternatives.

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Once the reserve of open water swimmers, surfers and triathletes only. Dryrobes have become a must-have item that you’re now just as likely to see being paraded around the local super market as you are down on the beach. In fact, Dryrobes have become so ubiquitous that Goldie Lookin’ Chain has even written a song about them!

But when it comes to the best changing robes, there are plenty more fish in the sea beyond the big name brand. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Dryrobe alternatives out there. From budget-friendly and sustainable changing robes, to the feature-packed premium alternatives and the best changing robes for triathlon race mornings. Check out some of our top changing robes to find the right one for you.

+ Yonda Yoncho Changing Robe
+ Vivida All-weather Puffer Changing Robe
+ Fourth Element Storm Poncho
+ WhiteWater Adult Hard Shell Robe
+ Wild Moose Eco Long Sleeved Changing Robe
+ Zone 3 Recycled Thermo-Tech Changing Robe
+ Proviz Fleece-lined Reflective Changing Robe
+ Passenger Escapism Recycled Sherpa-lined Changing Robe

Best Dryrobe alternative for triathletes

Yonda Yoncho Changing Robe

£119 GBP / ~$154 USD / ~€142 EUR
Key considerations
+ 100% waterproof and wind proof outer
+ Headphone pocket for your race morning playlist
+ A4-sized internal pocket to store dry clothes
+ ¾ sleeves

Yonda’s Yoncho changing robe is an ideal Dryrobe alternative if you’re looking for something to keep you warm before a triathlon. As you’d expect, it’s firmly weatherproof and features a synthetic lambs wool lining to protect you against the early morning chill. But it also comes equipped with phone pocket with a headphone opening so you can blast your race day playlists. An A4-sized internal pocket designed to keep your post-race change of clothes dry. And the ¾ sleeves mean you can easily make any last minute adjustments or tyre-pressure check on your bike in transition – without oversized full-length sleeves getting in your way.

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The ultimate changing robe for training and race morning

Best premium Dryrobe alternative

Vivida All-weather Puffer Changing Robe

£240 GBP / ~$305 USD / ~€280 EUR
Key considerations
+ Advanced insulation to keep you warm
+ Wrist gaiters and draft collar for extra protection
+ Multi-layer waterproofing
+ 100% recycled fabrics

While Vivida also offer a regular sherpa-lined changing robe which comes in at a more budget-friendly price point. The All-weather Puffer Changing Robe is packed full of features that make it worth the investment for those looking for something on the more premium end of the scale. This Dryrobe alternative uses ‘QuiltedCloud’ fill to mimic the properties of down. Combined with the honeycomb fleece lining, this is a changing robe suited to those who really feel the cold.


Zip-free changing robe ideal for frozen fingers

Fourth Element Storm Poncho

£174 GBP / ~$220 USD / ~€204 EUR
Key considerations
+ Made using OceanPositive, eco-friendly materials
+ Packs down small
+ Fleece-lined Waterproof with a peaked hood for rainy days

While Fourth Element do have a more traditional zip-front changing robe on offer. We particularly like their Storm Poncho with it’s over the head design – a great solution if you suffer with frozen fingers after a chilly swim or a long time outdoors and you don’t have the dexterity to struggle with a zip. The poncho has side vents with popper fastenings, so it’s still easy enough to get changed under. It’s also fleece-lined and packs down small, making it a great addition to your gear bag for training or racing. They also have HQs in the UK, USA, Australia and Asia, plus EU shipping options.

Weatherproof changing robe made from recycled fabrics

WhiteWater Adult Hard Shell Robe

£140 GBP / ~$178 USD / ~€164 EUR
Key considerations
+ Waterproof and windproof
+ Taped seams
+ Adjustable hood and cuffs 100% recycled fabrics

For those in the market for a sustainable Dryrobe alternative which also ticks the weatherproof box, check out WhiteWater’s Hard Shell Robe. Made from 100% recycled fabrics, this changing robe is also windproof, waterproof and features taped seams. The adjustable hood and cuffs also make it easy to keep the elements out when you’re not using it for getting changed.

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Here for all your outdoor adventures

Best for inclusive sizing

Wild Moose Eco Long Sleeved Changing Robe

£130 GBP / ~$165 USD / ~€152 EUR
Key considerations
+ Fully waterproof
+ Made from recycled nylon & polyester
+ Thick Sherpa fleece lining
+ Available in 'curvy' sizing
+ Boutique female-founded brand

Wild Moose was founded by a lady called Rachel, who says she loves outdoor swimming but hates being cold (despite her Yorkshire roots). The Wild Moose Eco Changing Robes come loaded with all the features you’d expect – waterproof, fleece-lined and made from recycled materials. But we particularly like the bold colours and the inclusive sizing, with the ‘C+ Curvier Moose’ size being suitable for women up to a UK size 30 (approximately US 26, EU 58).

Cold weather Dryrobe

Zone 3 Recycled Thermo-Tech Changing Robe

£149 GBP / $220 USD / €199 EUR
Key considerations
+ Made using recycled plastic bottles
+ Thermal fleece lining
+ Wind guard chin/neck panel
+ Stretch side panels

If the Vivida Puffer robe is out of budget, the Thermo-Tech Zone 3 Changing Robe is another great choice for cold weather. The thermal fleece lining, wind guard and adjustable hood/sleeves will do a good job of keeping the morning chill out at early season races. We also really like the inclusion of stretch side panels to make getting changed that bit easier.


Dusk and dawn adventures

Proviz Fleece-lined Reflective Changing Robe

£109.99 GBP / ~$140 USD / ~€130 EUR
Key considerations
+ Reflect 360 technology
+ Waterproof and windproof
+ Budget-friendly

While visibility is arguably not something you’d be actively seeking out if you’re trying to get changed without committing some sort of public indecency discretion. The Proviz reflective robe is a good option for those looking for a Dryrobe alternative to use for things like dog walking after dark, or something to make sure you can be seen when you’re making your way from the car park to transition on triathlon race morning. It’s also worth considering if you’re marshalling at a triathlon or another sports event in colder conditions, where staying warm and being visible will both be important.

Budget-friendly and sustainable

Passenger Escapism Recycled Sherpa-lined Changing Robe

£99.95 GBP / ~£127 USD / €117 EUR
Key considerations
+ 100% recycled polyester
+ Water-resistant
+ Vegan-friendly
+ Packable

Outdoor adventure fashion brand Passenger’s Dryrobe alternative is one of the most budget-friendly options out there. It’s also made from REPREVE fabric, created using recycled plastic bottles. While it’s worth noting that this changing robe is water-resistant, rather than fully waterproof, it’s stylish design makes it just as wearable for casual beach hangs as it is for outdoor activities. We particularly like that it’s packable and it comes with it’s own stuff sack. If you’re regularly travelling to races and you don’t want the hassle of having to try and squash a bulky Dryrobe into your transition bag, this lighter weight option could be an ideal solution.

Once you’ve found your perfect changing robe, all that remains is to decide where you stand in the “where is it acceptable to where a Dryrobe?” debate. Reserving it solely for your triathlon and open water swimming adventures? Or will you join the ranks of changing robe afficionados, staying ultra-cosy during their weekly supermarket trip?

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