Best triathlon wetsuits – from the best wetsuits for beginners, to high performance wetsuits that give you bang for your budget

Drowning in web tabs on the search for your next triathlon wetsuit? We’ve got you covered! Dive into our picks of the best triathlon wetsuits, from beginner and budget-friendly to the high end suits loaded with the latest tech to help you make the front pack.

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Having tested out plenty of triathlon wetsuits over the years - from the entry-level to the high end - writer and long-course age group triathlete Jenny Lucas-Hill guides you through the TRI247 team's top picks of the best triathlon wetsuits.

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The swim might be the shortest part of a triathlon, but getting the right wetsuit can be game-changing when it comes to getting the most out of your training and performing at your best come race day.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first triathlon wetsuit. Or an experienced age-grouper looking for an upgrade that will help you to maximise your swim gains – without breaking your bank account. We’ve pulled together a list of the best triathlon wetsuits – from entry-level to premium – that will see you right through from training to race day.

+ Sumarpo Vanguard Wetsuit
+ Yonda Spook wetsuit
+ ZONE3 Vanquish X wetsuit
+ Sumarpo N-Joy
+ Deboer Norseman 3.0
+ Zoggs Predator Pro FS triathlon wetsuit
+ Yonda Ghost 3

Best value for money - bang for your buck with premium features and performance

Sumarpo Vanguard Wetsuit

$559.99 USD / £459.95 GBP / €527.95 EUR
Key considerations
+ Yamamoto neoprene with speed coating
+ Very good shoulder flexibility to reduce fatigue
+ Aerodome technology for added warmth and buoyanc
+ Grooved catch panels for better stroke efficiency

Ok, it looks a little bit retro. But the Sumarpo Vanguard wetsuit is actually packed full of tech and features that make it a strong contender against other wetsuits which offer similar performance at a higher price point. Aerodome technology around the core offers superb buoyancy and warmth. The 1.5mm neoprene around the shoulders offers great flexibility, which combined with the grooved catch panels offers really good feel for the water. The ultra-flexible lining creates a really natural feel while you’re swimming – no fighting against the neoprene. And it’s easy to remove at speed in transition. We’ve tested this suit out in training and on race day and so far we’ve found it offers performance beyond the price point, without compromising on comfort.

When it comes to the best bang – and performance – for your buck, this wetsuit really delivers.


Suit up and get ready to PR your next swim
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Best triathlon wetsuit for beginners

Yonda Spook wetsuit

£269.99 GBP / ~$345 USD / ~€316
Key considerations
+ Inclusive size range – up to 4XL
+ High visibility design ideal for beginners
+ Durable
+ Excellent flexibility

The Yonda Spook is a great choice for beginners – new triathletes and first-time open water swimmers alike. The bright sleeves will ensure you’re visible in open water. And the tear-resistant material gives you plenty of opportunity to get used to putting a wetsuit on, without having to worry as much about accidentally putting a finger nail through it. 3mm neoprene in the core gives a good level of buoyancy, without feeling drastically different to swimming in the pool. But unlike other entry-level wetsuits, the Yonda Spook has far thinner neoprene on the arms (1.5mm). This means you’ll experience less restriction and shoulder fatigue swimming front crawl. And if you need to switch to breast stroke, you’ll find it far easier in this wetsuit compared to other, thicker options.

Available in men’s and women’s sizing.


Best premium wetsuit worth splashing out on

ZONE3 Vanquish X wetsuit

£699 GBP / $995 USD / €849 EUR
Key considerations
+ Yamamoto bio rubber with infrared technology
+ Alpha titanium lining for improved warmth
+ Ultra-thin 0.3mm sleeves
+ Cool-spot forearm catch panels

Overall, the ZONE3 Vanquish X just lost out against the Sumarpo Vanguard when we put the two head-to-head recently, mainly because the Vanguard offers very similar features at a lower price point. But that being said, the ZONE3 did win on shoulder flexibility and design. And of all the premium wetsuits out there right now, the ZONE3 Vanquish X does feel like it’s loaded with enough tech and innovation to justify the price point. Particularly of note are the ultra-thin 0.3mm sleeves – which barely feel like you’re wearing a wetsuit at all. And the use of infrared technology and Alpha titanium are interesting additions to help improve circulation and warmth in cooler water.


Best budget-friendly wetsuit without too much compromise

Sumarpo N-Joy

$310 USD / £244.99 GBP / €288 EUR
Key considerations
+ Yamamoto neoprene with speed coating
+ Grooved catch panels on the forearms
+ Balanced buoyancy profile
+ Good flexibility for the price point

If you’re on a budget, but you don’t want to compromise on performance – we’d highly recommend taking a look at the Sumarpo N-Joy eco friendly triathlon wetsuit. Coming in well below the £250/$350 mark, the team here at TRI247 have been really impressed with the performance you get from this wetsuit for the price point. While you haven’t got the ultra-thin neoprene around the shoulders like you get in some of the more premium-level suits, the 2mm thickness is still plenty flexible. And the 3mm neoprene around the core offers a good level of buoyancy that will help the majority of swimmers to adopt a better body position in open water.


Best thermal wetsuit for high performance cold water swimming

Deboer Norseman 3.0

£1119 GBP / $1399.95 / €1314.95
Key considerations
+ ThermaFur thermal lining
+ Can be used in 6 degrees C water with Polar Kit add-ons
+ Ultra-flexible shoulders
+ X-Skin Scale drag reducing neoprene

The price point may be a little eye watering, but if you’re taking on extreme races like the Norseman or Patagonman and you want warmth without compromising on performance, the Deboer Norseman 3.0 is worth the investment.

Rather than simply beefing up the neoprene thickness, Deboer have integrated a ThermaFur thermal lining. This means you still benefit from super flexible 1.5mm neoprene around the shoulders, and other performance features such as their signature ‘X-Skin Scale’ drag reducing neoprene and propulsion forearms. Previous versions of the Norseman 3.0 wetsuit did bring some issues with tightness around the sleeves and ankles, which have now been resolved with the integration of zippers.

And while the Deboer Norseman 3.0 on its own is only tagged as being suitable for water down to 10 degrees Celsius. If you are racing in more extreme environments, you can add their Polar hooded vest, socks and gloves. Though of course, that comes at extra cost.

For casual cold water dippers, this wetsuit is probably overkill. But if you want some serious performance in the cold, the Deboer Norseman 3.0 is the go-to choice.


Best new wetsuit 2024

Zoggs Predator Pro FS triathlon wetsuit

£500 / ~$635 USD / €699
Key considerations
+ Yamamoto neoprene 4mm-1.5mm
+ Aerodome technology
+ Customisable sleeve and leg length
+ Alternative neutral buoyancy options available

The name Zoggs Predator most likely has you thinking of the ubiquitous goggles. But earlier in 2024, Zoggs brought out a whole new range of neoprene – comprised of triathlon-specific and open-water specific wetsuits. The range targets every level of swimmer (and every budget). What’s good to see is the options for both enhanced buoyancy and neutral buoyancy across the range. Acknowledging that some triathletes and swimmers want a more natural feel in the water.

The Predator Pro sits one step down from the top of the range. Constructed from eco-friendly materials this wetsuit also makes use of the Aerodome technology we’ve seen in the Sumarpo Vanguard and the ZONE3 Vanquish X suits. Interestingly, Zoggs have opted to place this on the shins of the wetsuit as well as on the core. Sinky legs swimmers, this one is for you! Also of note is the promise of core compression – worth consideration if you struggle with stability and ‘snaking’ in the water. And the customisable cuff length, with tear resistant material.


Best triathlon wetsuit for race day

Yonda Ghost 3

£589 GBP / ~$748 USD / ~€692 EUR
Key considerations
+ Front panel air cell technology
+ Swim suit fabric arm panelling for flexibility
+ ‘Slippy’ lining for fast transitions
+ Best in class shoulder flexibility

If you’re looking for a wetsuit that focuses on pure performance, the Yonda Ghost 3, available in men’s and women’s sizing, is well-deserving of the many accolades it’s received since it launched a few years ago. For next-level flexibility and speed, Yonda have deviated from the norm in the construction of this wetsuit. Taped seams are foregone to enhance flexibility. And the arm panels feature swim suit fabric for better catch and feel for the water.

All of that performance means flexibility and speed has been prioritised over durability. So this suit isn’t recommended as your ‘work horse’ suit to be used and abused throughout the season. But on race day, if you’re looking to maximise your swim gains – this suit really comes into its own.

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Choosing the best triathlon wetsuit can help you to feel more comfortable in the water, swim more efficiently – and ultimately that’s only going to help you to swim faster in training and on race day. Need more help finding your perfect wetsuit? Check out our wetsuit buying guide. Or if you’re suited up and ready to go, read our tips for swimming faster in open water and improving your swimming endurance so you can start taking your open water swimming to the next level.

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