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TRI-FIT GEO Women’s Tri Suit Review – How does it fare in our quest for the ultimate long course kit?

Long course triathlete Jenny Lucas-Hill has been putting the GEO women’s tri suit through its paces as she builds up her training for Challenge Roth. Could this be her new race suit of choice? From comfort to design, read on to discover the verdict.

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Jenny Lucas-Hill is a long distance age group triathlete with 3 Iron-distance finishes under her belt to date, alongside multiple middle distance and short course races. With a kit drawer full of tri suits that have never quite ticked every box, she’s on a quest to find the ultimate tri suit for long distance triathletes as she gets ready to toe the start line at Challenge Roth. In the depths of the UK winter, she's been putting the TRI-FIT GEO tri suit through its paces with a series of indoor training sessions and chilly lido swims to see how it fares for comfort, breathability and performance.

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The TRI-FIT GEO tri suit is one of a range of premium suits available from this small UK-based triathlon apparel brand. The GEO promises to be the brand’s ‘fastest tri suit yet’. And after their first tri suit to market earned itself plenty of awards – we were keen to see how this addition to the range performed.

Long course triathlete Jenny Lucas-Hill has been putting the GEO women’s tri suit through its paces as she builds up her training for Challenge Roth. Could this be her new race suit of choice? From comfort to design, read on to discover the verdict.


Premium tri suit that’s worth the price tag for long distance racing

The TRI-FIT GEO is an ultra-comfortable tri suit which feels well worth the premium price tag. It’s breathable, fits well and performs across all three triathlon disciplines. But it’s the chamois pad which puts this suit head and shoulders above other suits I’ve raced in.

If you’re racing middle distance or long course triathlon, you’ll struggle to find a race suit that’s more comfortable on the bike (without feeling overly bulky on the run) than the TRI-FIT GEO.

+ Ultra-comfy chamois pad
+ Breathable
+ Flattering design
+ Limited size range
+ Slightly tight arm hems (if you're blessed with biceps)
+ Only one pocket
Best For
Middle distance and iron distance triathletes where comfort on the bike is a key consideration.
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£219 / ~$333 / ~€223
XS / S / M / L / XL
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Initial impressions

Stylish design, aero features

I’ve been through a lot of tri suits in my time, and fresh out of the box the TRI-FIT GEO feels like a really nice quality suit. The top half is lightweight, without feeling flimsy, and features a hexagonal aerodynamic fabric on the sleeves. The shorts are made from a compressive material which feels super soft to the touch.

I went for the coral colourway, which is a subtle pink layered with a criss-cross white line design. I’ve been known to go for bolder designs in the past, but these days I prefer something that’s eye-catching enough for my support crew to be able to spot me out on the race course. But not so bold that I feel like a highlighter pen. The coral design feels like a nice middle ground between both ends of the spectrum.

The chamois pad is probably one of the plushest I’ve seen on a tri suit, so I was interested to see if it would feel bulky while running. The suit is designed to be super breathable which does mean that the top section is slightly see-through in the light pink colourway. That’s not something I mind at all, as I always race with a sports bra on. But it’s worth noting and perhaps opting for the black design if it’s something that’s likely to bother you.

Unlike most tri suits I’ve raced in, which have had traditional ‘vertical’ pockets on the back. The TRI-FIT GEO has a side access rear pocket. It’s not something I’ve actively looked for, but it feels like it’ll be easier to get to gels sideways once I’ve got a race number on.

TRI-FIT Geo Coral women's tri suit


Fits like a glove: No sausage legs in sight

Enough admiring, with a brick session to tick off it was time to put the suit on. I’m 5ft 4 and typically wear a UK size 6-8 in streetwear. The team at TRI-FIT recommended I went for a size small and it fits like a glove.

The material on the shorts is gently compressive, and thick enough that there’s no risk of giving any would-be drafters a full moon show on the bike. They feel really supportive, and the laser cut hems and gripper don’t create a hint of the dreaded ‘sausage legs’. The plush chamois didn’t feel noticeable at all, but the proof would be in the running.

Unlike some of TRI-FIT’s other suits such as the EVO Next Gen, which has a full zip at the front and a top half which you can remove like a cycling jersey. The GEO is a true one piece suit. This does mean that choosing the correct size for your height is more important.

For this not-so-tall triathlete, the upper half fits nicely with no hint of restriction around the shoulders. The sleeves come down to my elbows – good for aerodynamics on the bike. The laser cut arm hems do sit pretty snugly, which means they’re unlikely to roll up. But a consideration for anyone that does better in the gym than I do at upper body strength work. A major plus point for me is the absence of any annoying raised seams under the armpits or along the torso to cause chafe once you put a wetsuit on.

I also found the design to be really flattering once on, which is always a bonus for feeling confident out on the race course. The size range does currently only go up to an XL at the moment though, which makes it slightly less inclusive.



Ultra-comfortable, unrestricted performance

Given that I’ve been testing this tri suit out in the depths of the UK winter, it was down to a series of indoor training sessions to see how it performed on the bike and the run.

To really give this suit a run for it’s money, I started with a brick session on the turbo and the treadmill… without putting the fan on. A risky move, but a great way to see how this suit would perform on both the comfort and breathability front. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the chamois pad was super comfortable on the bike – both sat up and in the TT position. I also didn’t notice any restriction around the shoulders when getting down onto the aero bars.

Once I jumped on the treadmill, the plush chamois that I worried would make me feel like I was running in a diaper in reality felt like it was barely there. I don’t know how TRI-FIT have done that. Magic? Or just really good product design? I guess we’ll never know. I was a sweaty mess by the end, as you’d expect after 90 minutes+ of fan-free indoor training. But I certainly wasn’t overheating, and the suit seemed to do a good job of wicking and drying. That bodes well for summer racing.

As you can imagine, it’s far too cold to be open water swimming properly in the UK right now. Thankfully my local lido stay open year-round, with the water temperature kept at a comfortable(ish) temperature for swimming in a wetsuit during the winter months. The arms and legs of the tri suit didn’t roll up underneath my wetsuit, which was a good start. Once I got in the water, I didn’t feel any additional restriction around the shoulders. And while I didn’t hang around in it for that long once my swim set was finished. The chamois didn’t feel like it was retaining water, so I imagine it’ll dry out pretty quickly in a race. The side access rear pockets will also be handy for anyone racing a non-wetsuit swim, as it’ll create less drag than your traditional top access pockets.


Made to last

I’ll need a full season of training, racing and inevitably leaving my kit to fester in a transition bag post-race to really be able to give a verdict on how durable (or ‘Jenny-proof’) this tri suit is. But first impressions after a few washes and wears is that it’ll last well, even with the ultra-breathable top section. That’s certainly what you want from a tri suit at the more premium end of the scale.


Strong contender for the ultimate iron-distance tri suit

The proof will be in the Challenge Roth pudding once I’ve worn this tri suit for the full 140.6 miles. But so far, I have to say this is genuinely one of the most comfortable tri suits I’ve ever tried. The design is flattering and it fits really well. The aero features bode well for maximising my bike split. But it’s the chamois pad that puts it head and shoulders above the rest for me.

Those who prefer a suit with lots of pockets might not be a fan of the GEO, as it does only have the one rear pocket. I tend to use a race belt and built-in bike storage for nutrition anyway. But the brand do also have other tri suits, such as the new GEO LIGHTNING, with more to offer on the pocket front if that’s something that’s going to bother you.

Overall the TRI-FIT GEO should be a strong contender for your next tri suit. Especially for those racing Iron-distance/long course, I think you’ll struggle to find a suit that’s more comfortable.

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