LOMO release two new dry bag tow floats for open water swimmers

Here a very practical and timely product for the market right now, from LOMO Watersport.

While swimming pools are still closed due to the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, open water swimming lakes are beginning to open… with additional social-distancing and safety measures in place.

Several of those lakes near me at least, are requiring the compulsory use of a tow float to increase safety. With two options both priced at well under £25, here’s a look at the two new additions to their range.

Glasgow-based swim supplies company LOMO (www.lomo.co.uk), are releasing two new dry bag tow floats, one with mesh pouch and one with with flags designed to offer maximum visibility for swimmers in open water.

These are a variation of the company’s popular dry bag tow float, one with the addition of two easily changeable external flags. One orange and one red and white. The orange flag is for use when swimming; the red and white flag (An internationally recognised symbol for ‘diver below’) is included so that divers can also make use of the float when below the water.

The second with an external mesh pouch measures in at 19cm by 25cm and can accommodate items up to a depth of 10cm which make is super convenient for storing what the swimmer may quickly need.

LOMO Tow Float

The new Lomo dry bag tow floats attach in the tradition manner around the waist via an adjustable webbing strap, which can be set to the desired length for swimming and is ideal for triathlon training and open water swim training.

Each one of Lomo’s extensive range of open water tow floats uses a Hi-Vis colour scheme which makes them extremely visible at distance. In addition, both the external and/or internal pouches could easily accommodate a torch for further illumination and increased visibility. The Lomo dry bag tow floats are designed with two independent air chambers to keep the bag afloat in case one of the chambers is accidentally punctured. These chambers are easy to inflate and deflate via a wide mouth inflation valve. The Lomo float has been constructed using high quality, premium materials and RF-welded seams for strength and durability.

YouTube video

Externally as mentioned there is the new mesh pouch for easy access to key items. Inside the tow float between the dual air chambers there is a dry chamber, with an additional plastic skirt for extra dryness. This chamber closes like a regular roll top dry bag and has enough space to store your essential items while you swim. The Lomo float is constructed using high quality materials and RF-welded seams for strength and durability, however they do recommend ‘double bagging’ electronic items before placing them inside.

YouTube video

You can find out more at the LOMO website HERE for the flag version and pouch version HERE.

LOMO tow float

Written by
Andy Tomlinson
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