Review: Alpha Pro Fins

Alpha Pro Swim Fins from the Michael Phelps and Aqua Sphere partnership offer you an interesting and visually different swim fin in a lightweight one piece EVA moulded form.


More swim training tech from the Michael Phelps and Aqua Sphere partnership. Here we have the Alpha Pro Fins, developed by Aqua Sphere with Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman who coached Michael during his quite successful swim career.

Product Alpha Pro Fins
Price £20 – £25
Size tested XS
Weight NA
Colours Green
Sizes See below


Alpha Pro Fins are claimed to be upto 70% lighter than competing swim fins and this is very obvious as soon as you pick them up. They feel very lightweight and surprisingly solid! The EVA foam is a really durable, closed cell foam that does not sink or become water logged which helps with buoyancy and foot position in the water. The fins have been designed to mimic a swimmers natural competitive kicking tempo with an asymmetrical short blade design and a look that will set them apart.

Yes they are visually very different to the majority of training fins out there. They are immediately recognisable poolside. The fins are a one piece construction with the heel strap all part of the moulded construction. The sizing is quite specific so make sure you check before you order or try them on for best fit. The size we tested (XS) was comfortable and the fit suggested that the size guide was pretty accurate for our UK tester. The EVA material offered a snug fit and after regular swim sessions provided no areas of concern for fit or comfort in the pool.

There has been no issue with durability so far, the heel ‘strap’ seems strong and comfortable and looks like it will be long lasting as there are no bonding or joint points to weaken the fins.

In the pool they have performed without issue and the EVA material means they float which is handy and aids with foot position in the water whilst swimming. The physical design of the fins appears more natural and organic than other fins and would suggest that thought has gone into the design to promote a ‘natural’ kick. There is speculation that incorrect use of swim fins could exacerbate knee issues, maybe this design is the answer? Just a thought!

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The key features:

  • Asymmetrical design provides natural kicking motion
  • Short blade mimics race pace kicking tempo
  • Rigid EVA foam construction ensures enhanced propulsion
  • Green
  • Provides isolated leg workout
  • Water channels provide stability and maximum power transfer
  • Dedicated right and left fins with full arch support
  • XS (3-5.5UK), S (5.5-7.5 UK), M (7.5-9.5 UK), L (9.5-11 UK0, XL (11-12.5 UK)

“A lot of the fins out there today are flat and swimmers learn to kick with their feet apart, which isn’t a very natural motion. I’m very pleased with these fins because they’re shaped in a way that you can kick the way you’re going to when you’re swimming.”
– Coach Bob Bowman

If you are looking for a new set of swim fins then these certainly stand out as serious training kit in the water and make for a lighter swim bag on dry land as they weigh next to nothing and don’t hold water and the EVA weighs next to nothing!

Alpha Pro Swim Fin

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