Bratislava: GB Age-Group medals, ETU Aquathlon European Champs

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Scores on the GB doors from Bratislava, Slovakia…

(CLICK HERE for the Elite report, where Hannah Kitchen won GB Gold)

After Cologne (2014, 2015) and Châteauroux (2016), the 2017 ETU Aquathlon European Championships moved to the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava.

As is the norm, another large GB Age-Group team travelled, collecting a whopping 36 medals in total.

Chloe Pollard (F20-24, 33:12) was GB’s fastest Female athlete – and the fastest Age-Grouper overall, by a significant margin. Germany’s Nina Rosenbladt (20-24, 34:46) was a more than a minute and a half behind the speedy Brit, who set the second fastest AG swim time of the day – including the men!

The fastest British AG man was Michael Lewis (M20-24, 30:36), who was just four seconds away from Zsombor Devay (HUN), who set the fastest time of the day when winning the M16-19 category in 30:32.

Bratislava ETU Aquathlon European Championships – Saturday 27th May 2017
1km swim / 5km run 


GOLD (11)

Phoebe Lloyd Evans 16-19 Female AG
Chloe Pollard 20-24 Female AG
Michael Lewis 20-24 Male AG
Jessica Thorpe 30-34 Female AG
Elizabeth Bellinger 35-39 Female AG
Caroline Jones 40-44 Female AG
Glen Hall 45-49 Male AG
Jane Bell 55-59 Female AG
Joanna Lewis 60-64 Female AG
Graham Le Good 65-69 Male AG
Michael Smallwood 70-74 Male AG



Rosie Weston 16-19 Female AG
Michael Fabes 16-19 Male AG
William Kirk 20-24 Male AG
Emily Moss 25-29 Female AG
Jamie Oakey 25-29 Male AG
Kelly Wickens 30-34 Female AG
Samantha Lake 35-39 Female AG
Colette Kitterhing 40-44 Female AG
Nigel Gaskin 40-44 Male AG
Sharon Hill 50-54 Female AG
Elaine Callinan 55-59 Female AG
Matthew Stone 55-59 Male AG
Gina Coulson 60-64 Female AG
Andy Brittain 60-64 Male AG
Ted Hamilton 65-69 Male AG



Megan Finn 16-19 Female AG
Ashley Hogg 16-19 Male AG
Steven Hanly 20-24 Male AG
Timothy Wood 25-29 Male AG
Jacqueline Wild 30-34 Female AG
Karen Riley 40-44 Female AG
Judy Prior 45-49 Female AG
Ursula Ryder 55-59 Female AG
Karen Hames 60-64 Female AG
James Howard Jeffrey 60-64 Male AG
Douglas Wood 70-74 Male AG
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John Levison
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