Six British athletes gain IRONMAN Legacy Program slots for Kona 2018

The IRONMAN Legacy Program grants selection to the IRONMAN World Championship through long term commitment to the sport. Six Brits were chosen for 2018.


British athletes selected in IRONMAN Legacy Program 2018

IRONMAN Legacy Program success for six British athletes who will be racing in Kona for the first time in 2018 courtesy of their long-term commitment to IRONMAN racing.

Celebrating its seventh year, the IRONMAN Legacy Program has this year granted an 100 IRONMAN athletes the opportunity to compete in the prestigious IRONMAN World Championship.

IRONMAN Legacy Program Requirements

These athletes became eligible for selection through the IRONMAN Legacy Program, where they must have

  • completed a minimum of 12 full-distance IRONMAN-branded races,
  • have never started the iconic IRONMAN World Championship,
  • have completed at least one IRONMAN event in each of the 2016 and 2017 seasons, and
  • be registered for an IRONMAN event in 2018.

One of the British athletes will be very pleased to get a ‘second’ chance. Last year, James McDiarmid was due to race in Kona for the first time, until a bike crash at IRONMAN Copenhagen resulted in seven broken bones (the first of his life). That was his 23rd IRONMAN. He still went to Kona in 2017… and got married there instead! I spoke to James and Francesca on the morning of their wedding:

YouTube video

British athletes award IRONMAN Legacy Program slots for 2018:

  • Robert Bacon
  • Mark Jones
  • James McDiarmid
  • Graeme Muirhead
  • Malc Pearce
  • Martin Pritchard-Howarth


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