County Cross Country Championships 2020: ‘Triathletes’

Chief Correspondent

Who had a muddy good run this past weekend?!

A new year and, in the UK at least, the first weekend of January typically means that it is County Cross Country Championships weekend.

With swim / bike / run racing – for the vast majority – several months away yet, it’s the season of back-to-basics running the fields, trails, rivers and mud of the domestic cross country season. No complex equipment, no bike boxes, no concerns about aerodynamics… just run (and leave your best clothes at home!).

As always, plenty of familiar names from the UK tri/du/aquathlon world racing for their local running clubs, with quite a few Gold, Silver and Bronze championship medals collected in the process. Now, with so many events taking place, lots of different categories, here is a start on the medal success of names that we have consistently seen performing well in the triathlon and duathlon world in recent years.

We know it is not complete which is where you come in!

*** If we’ve missed you, your club-mate or someone you know from this list of 2020 County Cross Country Championship medal winners / notable performances, then a) apologies, and b) please do let me know the details (County / Name / Position / Category) via [email protected], and I’ll get the details updated for you. **



  • Martin Beare – 1st, Men V55


  • Rebecca Nkoane – 6th, Senior Women


  • Nathan Tweedie – 2nd, Senior Men
  • Becky Hair – 3rd, Senior Women (4th overall) plus Team Gold


  • Elle Twentyman – 1st, Senior Women
  • Thomas Bishop – 2nd, Senior Men
  • David Bishop, 10th, Senior Men


  • Rachel Wiseman – 4th, Senior Women


  • Ben Price – 2nd, Senior Men


  • Andy Greenleaf – 3rd, Senior Men


  • Henrietta Tarasewicz – 4th, Senior Women

Leicestershire & Rutland

  • Nikki Bartlett – 3rd, Senior Women
  • Claire Shea-Simmonds – 5th, Senior Women
  • Christopher Perham – 4th, Senior Men


  • Billie-Jordan Butler – 4th, U13 Girls (Bronze team medal)

Billie-Jordan Butler / Norfolk Cross Country Championships 2020


  • Fynn Batkin – 2nd, U20 Men
  • Skip Snelson – 2nd, U17 Men


  • Jimmy Kershaw – 1st, Senior Men
  • Bruce Raeside – 3rd, Senior Men
  • Joe Skipper – 5th, Senior Men
  • Libby Coleman – 1st – U20 Women


  • Ashley Hurdman – 5th, Senior Men


  • Gary Laybourne – 8th, Senior Men


  • Bethany Cook – 1st, U20 Women
  • Harry Leleu – 5th, Senior Men


  • George Goodwin – 5th, Senior Men
  • Becky Payne – 4th, Senior Women
  • Megan McDonald – 6th, Senior Women


  • Bronwen Owen – 1st, Senior Women
  • Mark Buckingham – 3rd, Senior Men
  • Gordon Benson – 11th, Senior Men

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