Ironman Wales – 2017 Kona Qualifiers

Ironman Wales is one of the first opportunities for age-group athletes to qualify for Kona, which means more preparation time for the lucky few!


Ironman Wales 2016 was one of the first opportunities for Age Group athletes to qualify for the 2017 Ironman World Championships, and thus provides more than a year to plan and train for their Kona races.

There were 40 Age-Group qualifying places for Kona at Ironman Wales 2016, and here is the full list of those athletes that accepted their places for the Ironman World Championships in October 2017. Congratulations to all of you.

Kona Qualifiers from all four editions of Ironman Wales are on these links

Kona 2017 Qualifiers, Ironman Wales: 18th September 2016

Naomi DrakefordF18-241GBR12:41:14
Rihannon StricklandF25-291GBR11:04:26
Tracy Markham F30-341GBR11:13:43
Rebecca FondermannF35-391DEU10:45:41
Claire Shea-SimondsF35-392GBR11:12:56
Celia BoothmanF40-441GBR11:16:46
Penny GardinerF45-491GBR11:44:59
Jan RogersF50-542GBR12:42:27
Share ForresterF55-591GBR13:59:10
Pat Cooke-RogersF60-641GBR16:26:01
Jamie AllenM18-241GBR10:58:58
Cillian MoffatM18-243IRL11:29:13
Richard StraughanM25-292GBR10:06:07
Norman BanickM25-293DEU10:06:41
Gareth HodgsonM25-294GBR10:11:23
Peter HarrisonM30-341GBR09:42:45
Toni PystoM30-343FIN09:51:44
Andy SloanM30-344GBR09:57:04
Rik LinssenM30-345NLD10:03:33
Xabier Amparan CorraleM35-391ESP09:33:46
James BrownM35-392GBR09:53:08
Philipp GublerM35-393CHE09:53:43
Javier PerezM35-394ESP09:53:55
Alan SempleM35-395GBR10:00:00
Kenneth NeytM40-441BEL09:47:50
Oliver HarkinM40-442IRL10:02:42
Benoit LinquetM40-443FRA10:04:07
Vincent MattonM40-445FRA10:08:30
Jorn SchummM40-447DEU10:15:59
Stephane BriquezM45-491FRA10:05:33
Steve BerryM45-492GBR10:29:59
Ivo BauerM45-494DEU10:34:07
Huw JonesM45-495GBR10:35:09
Stefaan VervischM50-541BEL10:12:59
Thomas TzschentkeM50-542DEU10:18:01
Graham BrookhouseM50-543GBR10:27:47
Gilles CuenatM55-591CHE11:31:58
Martin GannonM55-592GBR11:38:53
Chris StricklandM60-641GBR12:24:00
Ulrich PratschM65-691DEU15:36:05
#GBKona coverage 2017
#GBKona coverage 2017
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