Outlaw X 2020: The Age Groupers

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Outlaw X Age Group Winners

The magnificent Thoresby Park in north Nottinghamshire provided a stunning backdrop to some incredible performances at Outlaw X Triathlon last Sunday. The race could only take place with some significant behind-the-scenes changes, but the result was a joyous weekend of putting lockdown training (or lack of), to the test.

Professional athletes George Goodwin and Katrina Matthews set the pace overall and took their share of prize money, thanks to investment from the Professional Athletes Organisation. There were some exiting and inspiring performances in the non-professional ranks across all age groups, too.

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Jimmy Kershaw was the quickest non professional male and Will Draper was just 19 seconds behind, before returning to Isle of Man for two weeks of quarantine – they were sixth and seventh overall, finishing ahead of some of the Pros. Kershaw has raced at elite junior level on the ITU circuit, but this was his first middle distance race and his half marathon run split of 1:14:08 stacked up well against the Pro athletes.

Will Draper / Outlaw X 2020
Will Draper

Rebecca Duxbury from Oxford Tri was the standout non professional female. Already an age group long distance world champion, the 25 year-old has combined training with working on COVID wards as a pharmacist this year.

Rebecca Duxbury / Outlaw X 2020

The depth of performances across the age groups was really impressive. Sallyann Smith from Sheffield was the oldest female in the field at 67 and picked up a win. Stephen Walton led the older men. There were, in fact, six men in the 70+ category, with George Chadwick enjoying every moment of being the final finisher on the day.

For anyone considering taking part next year, pre registration for the Outlaw Triathlon Series 2021 is open HERE.


Age Group Winners


18-19 Toby Fernandez, Absolute Triathlon Club, 4:08:31
20-24 Jimmy Kershaw, Absolute Tri Race Team, 3:49:00
25-29 William Cowen, Jackpot Racing, 3:51:40
30-34 Tom Rigby, TriPreston, 3:55:03
35-39 Djalil Baiou, Speedhub Race Team, 3:57:22
40-44 Oliver Simon, ATAC, 3:58:31
45-49 Paul Lunn, Riot Racing Club, 4:03:29
50-54 Eugene Grant, 4:24:44
55-59 Martin Meir, REAPBikes, 4:46:05
60-64 Neil Hunter, Ribble Valley Triathlon Club, 4:55:43
65-69 David Hill, 6:16:55
70-74 Stephen Walton, Fleetfeet Triathletes, 6:07:53


20-24 Rosie Weston, Loughborough Students Development, 4:41:51
25-29 Rebecca Duxbury, Oxford Tri, 4:17:51
30-34 Rebecca Lineker, ICARUS, 4:43:35
35-39 Davina Greenwell, Ipswich Triathlon Club, 4:40:11
40-44 Beth Wilmot, Tri-Money.com, 4:44:31
45-49 Sarah Harrison, Sheffield Triathlon Club, 4:58:34
50-54 Cathy Atkinson, Manchester Triathlon Club, 5:09:29
55-59 Jo Gundle, Bicester Triathlon Club, 5:19:55
60-64 Barbara Holmes, Challenge Tri Camp Race Team, 5:31:36
65-69 Sallyann Smith, Sheffield Triathlon Club, 7:34:37

Relay Winners

1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Southampton Triathlon Club, 4:20:55
2. Team Z, 4:25:29    
3. Icarus, Whole Health / Icarus, 4:29:41

Pro Athletes (Full Report)


1. George Goodwin, Rugby Tri Club, 3:38:10
2. Thomas Davis, Erdinger Alkohokfrei, 3:41:08
3. Tim Don, 3:41:16


1. Katrina Matthews, BMCVfit, 4:03:14
2. Nikki Bartlett, 4:05:40
3. Fenella Langridge, TriForce Endurance, 4:10:01

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