Soria GB Age-Group medals: ETU Duathlon Champs – Sprint Distance

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GB Age-Group Team Medals from Soria: SPRINT DISTANCE DUATHLON

Results just coming in from the Soria ETU Duathlon European Championships in Spain, and here are the GB medals from the SPRINT Distance (5km / 20km / 2.5km) distance, which was the first event of the day.

Great Britain’s Jacqui Phillips once again showed no sign of age slowing her down. Now in the 50-54 Age-Group, she was the fastest female overall too.

(You can find the STANDARD Distance medallists HERE)

Jacqui Phillips - Soria ETU Duathlon European Championships 2017

Soria ETU Duathlon European Championships – Sunday 30th April 2017
SPRINT DISTANCE AGE-GROUP: 5km / 20km / 2.5km


GOLD (11)

Harrison SmithM16-19
Samantha FawcettF30-34
Ryan SmithM35-39
Gwen KinseyF40-44
Ella TowersF45-49
Jacqui PhillipsF50-54
Wayne AylesburyF50-54
Janice McwilliamF55-59
Paula FisherF60-64
Mick AnglimM70-74
Maurice YoungM80-84


Sarah KerrF20-24
Ellie DomineyF30-34
Sara EamesF35-39
Bruce RaesideM35-39
Jo BillingsF40-44
Jonathan HoggettM40-44
Liz MclellanF45-49
Michael BuchalletM45-49
Leon FieldM50-54
Tracy FordF55-59
Gina WillisF60-64
David ButtM60-64


Peter CookeM16-19
Marie-Louise KertzmanF20-24
Josie CramF25-29
Jonathan BarnesM25-29
Mandy StewartF30-34
Nicola TimminsF35-39
Viv MaltF45-49
Kevin DawsonM45-49
Nicola MillerF50-54
Deborah LloydF55-59
Peter StainerM55-59
Sue ClarkeF60-64
Derek BardsleyM65-69
John CabornM70-74
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John Levison
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