Weert 2019: GB Age-Group medals ETU Triathlon Standard Distance

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Oliver Crossley sets the Age-Group pace in Weert, Netherlands

Claire Danson returns to form as fast female Brit

The latest Great Britain Age-Group team medal roundup features the ETU Triathlon European Championships over the Standard distance from Weert, The Netherlands, where the AG events were held over two days this past weekend.

Given the relative ease of travel, no surprise to see another significant number of Brits travelling – well over 300 athletes from the 700+ racing were in GB colours, but it’s good to see more than 20 nations represented.

As well as a total of 30 podiums, seven of which were Gold (and all listed below), in the usual manner we like to take at the overall times too. As well as winning M25-29, Oliver Crossley was also the fastest AG male across all divisions too, by more than two minutes. Oliver thus defends his AG title while also moving up one place overall, as he was second fastest last year in Tartu, Estonia.

Making quite a return to form (and health) was Claire Danson. The second fastest athlete overall, she took Gold in F30-34 (having won Bronze in Tartu). That follows what was a very scary time earlier this year at IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai, covered here by her Instagram post at the time:



Fastest British athletes overall


1st – Oliver Crossley – 1:54:13 (Gold, M25-29) – Fastest Age-Group athlete overall
2nd – Edward Castro – 1:57:16 (Silver, M30-34) – Fourth fastest Age-Group athlete overall
3rd – William Grace – 1:58:02 (Gold, M20-24) – Fifth fastest Age-Group athlete overall


1st – Claire Danson – 2:09;47 (Gold, F30-34) – Second fastest Age-Group athlete overall
2nd – Charlotte Bell – 2:10:35 (Gold, F25-29)- Third fastest Age-Group athlete overall
3rd – Mimi Carlton – 2:11:47 (Silver, F25-29) – Fifth fastest Age-Group athlete overall


Weert ETU Triathlon European Championships – Saturday 1st / Sunday 2nd June 2019
1.5km / 40km / 10km – AGE-GROUP

British Age-Group Medals (30)

GOLD (7)

  • William Grace – 20-24 Male AG
  • Charlotte Bell – 25-29 Female AG
  • Oliver Crossley – 25-29 Male AG
  • Claire Danson – 30-34 Female AG
  • Gwen Kinsey – 45-49 Female AG
  • Anita Howe – 50-54 Female AG
  • Sue Bathgate – 70-74 Female AG


  • Rosie Weston – 20-24 Female AG
  • Mimi Carlton – 25-29 Female AG
  • Edward Castro – 30-34 Male AG
  • Rachel Wiseman – 35-39 Female A
  • Paul James – 45-49 Male AG
  • Linda Russell-Bond – 60-64 Female AG
  • Sally Kidson – 65-69 Female AG
  • Christopher Owens – 65-69 Male AG
  • Hilary Stevenson – 75-79 Female AG
  • Vernon Thomas – 75-79 Male AG


  • Ben Scott – 18-19 Male AG
  • Hannah Mattinson – 20-24 Female AG
  • Dan Elliot – 20-24 Male AG
  • Lucy Davies – 25-29 Female AG
  • Rebecca Goodwin – 30-34 Female AG
  • Daniel Jenkin – 30-34 Male AG
  • Rebecca Vermeer – 35-39 Female AG
  • Alexandra Knowles – 55-59 Female AG
  • Richard Bewell – 55-59 Male AG
  • Penny Rother – 60-64 Female AG
  • Lesley Kernaghan – 65-69 Female AG
  • Peggy Crome – 75-79 Female AG
  • Nigel Dimmock – 75-79 Male AG
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