Andrew Starykowicz ready for ‘blood-bath’ battle at Collins Cup

Battle of the uber-bikers? Andrew Starykowicz will take on Lionel Sanders and Sebastian Kienle at the Collins Cup – “there is no strategy, no saving it back”


Team USA captain’s pick Andrew Starykowicz has suggested his Collins Cup matchup is going to be a ‘blood-bath’.

The 39-year-old has been drawn against Team Internationals’ Lionel Sanders and Team Europe’s Sebastian Kienle in what could be the pick of the races in Samorin, and Starykowicz is ready for the test ahead.

“A lot of people told me, as soon as they saw that matchup, that it was probably the most competitive match of the day.

“I could think of no better matchup. I think it’s the guys from other teams that I have raced the most and I know Lionel is excited because we have always brought out the best in each other because there is no strategy, there’s no saving it all back and going for it on the run. 

“It’s going to be a blood-bath, Sebi (Kienle) didn’t look too excited, I know he probably wanted Sam (Long) because they swim a little closer to each other.”

Despite his excitement, the American is fully aware of the task at hand when it comes to racing his two rivals

“This is a tall order, both Lionel and Seb have World Championship podiums, and I do not.”

‘Starky’ also ruled the roost over the entire concept of the Collins Cup, suggesting the race dynamics – a one-on-on-on-one battle – would not suit several of the triathletes attending the event.

However, in his match, he admitted that all three individuals are used to the solo-running that is likely to unfold in a three-person race.

“For quite a lot of the racers I think it will be a little bit different for them, but for me, Sebi and Lionel this is a normal day at work.  

“You’re all by yourself, you’re not catching the guy ahead of you and the guy behind you isn’t catching you – you’re in no-man’s land, I think that will definitely affect some people, but in our race I don’t think it will be a factor.”

The overriding feeling from Starykowicz, however, was a feeling of excitement around the whole event – 12 individual races just 10 minutes apart in their timings.

“We have all these races, but we start 10 minutes apart, it’s going to be crazy – especially without having done a dry run or experimenting with this format, it’s going to be like three buddies going out racing on a weekend – weekend warriors going out and saying who is going to be the fastest this weekend.”

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