Haug and HUUB: IRONMAN World Champion partners with Derby-based brand

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Great timing. On Sunday Germany’s Anne Haug, the 2019 IRONMAN World Champion won the half distance Challenge St. Poelten in Austria by just 14 seconds, over Imogen Simmonds. Difficult to argue that small gains don’t count, in a race where she only made the pass well into the final few hundred metres.

We’ll never know if that was in part enabled by her new partnership and kit from HUUB – but it’s a pretty good background from which to announce your new link-up.

HUUB to make IRONMAN world champion Anne Haug faster

The HUUB family of speed continues to grow, with the latest inductee to racing faster being none other than World IRONMAN Champion Anne Haug. With great excitement, HUUB welcomes Anne to their stable of athletes of all abilities over all disciplines. 

Dean Jackson, HUUB’s CEO, commented, “Anne approached us quite simply to ‘make her faster’! She knew she had time to gain, there were gains to be had both in the water and on the land, and she wanted the fastest and the best… And that was HUUB!”

HUUB has thrown their best team at working with Anne. Hydrodynamics from Professor Huub Toussaint, Paul Newsome from Swimsmooth, and aerodynamicist Dan Bigham have combined over Zoom, Skype and other Covid safe media improvising to deliver considerable savings both in water and on land.

Anne Haug / HUUB

Anne Haug commented on the partnership, “I’m super excited to be part of the HUUB family of athletes from now on, and I have never met a company as focused on its desire to make me more successful and faster in clothing and swimwear. The company’s unique network of specialists from the ‘Fellowship of Speed’ enables me to take my performance to the next step. Recent aerodynamic tests of the new Anemoi Tri Suit in the wind tunnel have already shown great results, and I am delighted to be the lowest bike and rider CdA combination at the wind tunnel in Immenstaad am Bodensee, Germany. I just found some significant gains!”

Dean Jackson added, “Anne is a truly incredible and most admired triathlete, and her win in Kona showed the level of athlete she is. This is combined with an open and honest partnership of benefit to all, not a relationship of financial gain, but a relationship of speed. It is about working together to make her faster.”

Anne is an athlete that made her way to Germany’s No.1 and the world’s best at both IRONMAN distances, with strength, endurance and will, having turned professional at the relatively late age of 27. 

Prior to storming into the long-distance community, winning her first IRONMAN 70.3 race in 2017, she won World Cup medals and celebrated victories worldwide, racing in the top tier of ITU short-course racing. In 2019, Haug claimed her first IRONMAN World Championship title, finishing in a time of 8:40:10, making her the third-fastest female in World Championship history.

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