Ryf to challenge Wellington’s world record at Challenge Roth

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Can Daniela Ryf beat 8:18:13 at Challenge Roth 2017?

As the defending IRONMAN World Champion and already have won IRONMAN South Africa this year, Daniela Ryf has no concerns about qualifying for Kona (which wasn’t the case last year).

Having enjoyed the race last year, Daniela has just confirmed that she will be returning to Challenge Roth in July – and has the target of a new world best time on her mind. On her race last year, she said:

“It made me realise on a perfect day the world record of Chrissy Wellington could possibly be in reach. I am fascinated by Chrissy’s record and i will try my best on race day to see how fast i can go.”

12 months ago Jan Frodeno was able to deliver on his objectives – setting a new all-time fastest men’s iron-distance time. Can Angry Bird do the same?

Daniela Ryf Challenge Roth 2016
Daniela Ryf on the run during the Challenge Triathlon Roth on July 17, 2016 in Roth, Germany. (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images for Challenge Triathlon)


Fastest Female Iron Distance Athletes (Best Time Only)

Chrissie WellingtonGBRChallenge Roth201108:18:13
Daniela RyfSUIChallenge Roth201608:22:04
Caroline SteffenSUIIronman Melbourne201208:34:51
Eva WuttiAUTIronman Copenhagen201308:37:36
Mirinda CarfraeAUSChallenge Roth201408:38:53
Rebekah KeatAUSChallenge Roth200908:39:24
Carrie LesterAUSChallenge Roth201608:42:14
Rachel JoyceGBRChallenge Roth201408:42:25
Linsey CorbinUSAIronman Austria201408:42:42
Yvonne van VlerkenNEDIronman Florida201308:43:07
Mary Beth EllisUSAIronman Austria201108:43:35
Meredith KesslerUSAIronman Arizona201508:44:00
Erica CsomorHUNChallenge Roth200808:47:05
Sandra WallenhorstGERIronman Austria200808:47:26
Catriona MorrisonGBRChallenge Roth200908:48:11
Kaisa LehtonenFINIronman Barcelona201508:48:40
Leanda CaveGBRIronman Arizona201108:49:00
Ashley CliffordUSAIronman Florida201308:49:03
Simone BrŠndliSUIIronman Austria201408:49:16
Sonja TajsichGERChallenge Roth201208:49:47
Bella BaylissGBRIronman Austria200908:50:13
Paula Newby FraserUSAIronman Europe (Roth)199408:50:53
Diana RieslerGERChallenge Regensburg201708:51:02
Julia Gajer (nee Wagner)GERChallenge Roth201308:51:04
Lisa HuetthalerAUTIronman Barcelona201708:51:21
Lori BowdenCANIronman Austria200208:51:22
Laura SiddallGBRChallenge Roth201708:51:38
Susie CheethamGBRIronman Brasil201708:52:00
Amanda StevensUSAIronman Arizona201508:52:31
Corinne AbrahamGBRIronman European Champs (Frankfurt)201408:52:40
Melissa HauschildtAUSIronman Melbourne201508:52:51
Lisa RobertsUSAIronman Cozumel201708:54:00
Kate AllenAUTIronman Austria200308:54:01
Jodie SwallowGBRIronman Kalmar201308:54:01
Elisabeth GruberAUTIronman Barcelona201508:54:03
Elizabeth LylesUSAIronman Brasil (South American Champs)201608:54:10
Astrid StienenGERIronman Barcelona201608:54:27
Kelly WilliamsonUSAIronman Texas201408:54:42
Angela NaethCANIronman Chattanooga201408:54:55
Jessica JacobsUSAIronman Florida201108:55:10
Daniela SammlerGERIronman Barcelona201708:55:11
Anja BeranekGERChallenge Roth201508:55:19
Thea SybesmaNEDIronman Europe (Roth)199108:55:29
Helle FrederiksenDENIronman Arizona201708:55:35
Camilla PedersenDENIronman European Champs (Frankfurt)201308:56:01
Ines EstedtGEREuro Champs Detern/Jumme199508:56:05
Lucy CharlesGBRIronman South Africa (African Champs)201808:56:06
Heleen Bij De VaateNEDIronman Austria201108:56:12
Irma HeerenNEDAlmere199908:56:23
Jodie RobertsonUSAIronman Texas201708:56:32
Britta MartinNZLIronman Western Australia201408:56:34
Sara GrossCANIronman Brasil201408:56:41
Eimear MullanIRLIronman Barcelona201508:56:51
Katinka WiltenburgNEDAlmere199608:56:57
Sofie GooesBELIronman Austria201408:57:08
Katja KonschakGERIronman Barcelona201708:57:12
Gina FergusonNZLChallenge Roth200808:57:18
Malindi ElmoreCANIronman Arizona201608:57:22
Michi HerlbauerAUTIronman Austria201608:57:23
Michelle VesterbyDENIronman Arizona201308:57:24
Lucie ReedCZEChallenge Barcelona201308:57:34
Mareen HufeGERIronman Western Australia201608:57:36
Belinda GrangerAUSChallenge Roth200808:58:08
Sarah CrowleyAUSIronman Cairns201708:58:14
Joanna LawnNZLChallenge Roth200708:58:25
Kirsty JahnCANIronman Cozumel201708:58:27
Nina KraftGERIronman Frankfurt200408:58:37
Lucy GossageGBRChallenge Barcelona201208:58:43
Haley ChuraUSIronman Brasil201708:58:45
Sarah PiampianoUSAIronman Western Australia201608:58:51
Ariane MonitceliBRAIronman Latin American Championship201508:59:08
Jen AnnettCANIronman Arizona201708:59:27
Sue LatshawUSAIronman Europe (Roth)199708:59:31
Edith NiederfrinigerITAIronman Austria200808:59:45
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