Gallery: Lucy Gossage reaches double (iron) figures…

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The TEN Pro Iron-distance wins of Lucy Gossage

She keeps threatening to ‘retire’ – but based on Saturday’s performance at IRONMAN Lanzarote, there is more life yet in the batteries of Duracell Bunny, Lucy Gossage.

At the end of 2017, I remember chatting to Lucy and saying that she had to keep going – for the simple fact that it would seem a shame to finish on nine career Pro iron-distance wins. Getting to double figures, at least, must surely be worth the effort? Well, in winning her fourth IRONMAN in a row, all within a 10 month period, she can now tick that one off and add another chapter to a very impressive triathlon C.V.

Even if this does prove to be her final ‘Pro’ season – and she has been working part-time as an oncologist for almost 18 months now, since returning to work – I wouldn’t be surprised to see this list added to. If it is, you can be sure that it will be at a race she wants to be at, rather than one she feels obliged to race. Lanzarote was “on a whim”, simply because she wanted to – and if she (and we) have learned anything about Lucy, racing for fun and with passion and joy is absolutely central to her success.

With 19 Pro iron-distance starts and 18 podiums** (an injury-impacted Kona 2014 her only blemish), if you are an up-and-coming professional long distance athlete seeking a role model – look no further.

(** For clarity, the top-10 Pro athletes at Kona receive the traditional Umeke trophies (and prize money!) presented at the awards banquet on Sunday evening, Lucy finishing 10th in 2015 and 9th in 2016)

Lets’s take a look at those ten victories…

#1 – Challenge Barcelona 2012

Challenge Barcelona 2012


#2 – IRONMAN UK 2013

IPhoto Getty Images for IRONMAN)

#3 – IRONMAN Wales 2013

IRONMAN Wales 2013
Photo Dave Pearce

#4 – IRONMAN Lanzarote 2014

IRONMAN Lanzarote 2014
Photo Rob Holden Photography

#5 – IRONMAN UK 2015

Lucy Gossage wins IRONMAN UK 2015
Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images for Ironman

#6 – IRONMAN UK 2016

Lucy Gossage wins IRONMAN UK 2016
Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

#7 – IRONMAN UK 2017

Lucy Gossage wins IRONMAN UK 2017
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images for Ironman

#8 – IRONMAN Wales 2017

IRONMAN Wales 2017
Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images for IRONMAN

#9 – IRONMAN Emilia-Romagna, Italy 2017

IRONMAN Italy Emilia-Romagna
Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images for IRONMAN

#10 – IRONMAN Lanzarote 2018

IRONMAN Lanzarote 2018 - Lucy Gossage

Lucy Gossage – Full history of all Professional Iron-Distance races

Challenge Barcelona20113rd
Challenge Barcelona20121st
IRONMAN Wales20131st
IRONMAN South Africa20142nd
IRONMAN Lanzarote20141st
IRONMAN Hawaii201432nd
IRONMAN South Africa20152nd
IRONMAN Hawaii201510th
IRONMAN New Zealand20162nd
IRONMAN South Africa20163rd
IRONMAN Hawaii20169th
IRONMAN Lanzarote20173rd
IRONMAN Wales20171st
IRONMAN Italy (Emilia-Romagna)20171st
IRONMAN Lanzarote20181st
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