Is this THE image of Rio 2016?


I think triathlon’s ‘Photo Ninja’ Delly Carr has done it again…

We are fortunate, in so many ways, in our sport. One of the people you’ve likely never seen – and to be honest, I’d expect that perhaps 90% or more of you many not have heard of – is Delly Carr. From Australia, Delly is one of the best sports photographers in the world and among those sports he covers is triathlon.

Fortunately for us, Delly is one of the talented team that covers many of the ITU World Triathlon Series races around the world and all of the major Championship events. For that, we are very grateful.

His images, along with the speed and effiiciency of the ITU’s media arm, mean that we have access to an incredible library of images, often within hours (and sometimes minutes), of some of the biggest races in the world. He’s highly respected by his peers too – the man knows how to use a camera.

This article is going to feature just two images however. The first, from four years ago, I’m sure you’ll recognise. I’ve talked about it before (and a framed, signed by both athletes, copy of it sits proudly in my office, just two feet from where I’m typing this), is from London 2012.

Two legends united after a stunning race around the streets of London. It’s one of the best sporting images I’ve ever seen. Anyone who knows me will be able to confirm I’m no ‘arty’ type, so I’m not going to launch into some intellectual warbling about why (because I’m certainly not qualified to do so!); this really is a “picture tells a thousand words” image.

London 2012 – Javier Gomez and Alistair Brownlee

Javier Gomez & Alistair Brownlee at London 2012

And now… he’s done it again.

Need I say any more? I just know that I need to find space for this one too. Delly Carr, thank you.

Rio 2016 – Alistair Brownlee and Jonathan Brownlee

Alistair Brownlee & Jonathan Brownlee at Rio 2016

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