Nicola Spirig breaks collarbone and two ribs in training ride accident

Swiss superstar is thankful the outcome was not worse.


Swiss superstar Nicola Spirig has undergone surgery in a Zurich hospital after breaking two ribs and fracturing her collarbone in an accident during a training ride.

The 2012 Olympic champion suffered the injuries on Sunday before being taken to Balgrist University Hospital, where she underwent surgery on Tuesday morning.

The accident happened on the eve of Nicola’s 40th birthday on Monday, but she came out of the whole experience just thankful the outcome was not worse.

Spirig on accident

Writing in a post on her Facebook page, she said: “I had an accident with my bike on Sunday during a training ride and suffered two broken ribs and a fractured collarbone.

“I was in very good hands at Balgrist University Hospital and was successfully operated on this morning, but will only be allowed to train on a limited basis for the next six weeks.

“This means that I will not be able to start the season at the Ironman in Dubai on March 5 as planned, but I am glad that nothing worse has happened and I am looking forward to later competitions.

“Many thanks for the great support from doctors, my team and environment.”

Sub8 preparation

The trip to Dubai to race over the 70.3 distance there in March was of course part of Spirig’s preparation for one of her big goals of 2021 – the Sub7Sub8 Project.

The Swiss star, along with Britain’s Lucy Charles-Barclay, will bid to go under eight hours for a race over the iron-distance in an event which is expected to take place in the summer.

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