2021 IRONMAN World Championship is postponed. Officially.

There will be no 2021 IRONMAN World Championship event in October, the event now rescheduled to February 2022 due to COVID-19


COVID-19 strikes again.

It’s been ‘out there’ for the last day or so, but the 2021 Supersapiens IRONMAN World Championship has been officially confirmed as postponed from its traditional second Saturday in October date (9th), to Saturday 5th February 2022.

There will, fingers crossed, be two editions of the race next year:

  • 5th February 2022 (the postponed 2021 race)
  • 8th October 2022 (the 2022 IRONMAN World Championship)

No viable pathway

“The resurgence of the virus and new Delta strain has had significant impact on the island community of Hawai`i. Combined with substantial border closures and travel restrictions for qualified athletes, there is not a viable pathway in October to host the IRONMAN World Championship,” said Andrew Messick, President & Chief Executive Officer for The IRONMAN Group.

“After extensive consultation with governmental and community leaders in Hawai`i, we believe that the best course of action is to delay the event until February of 2022.”

What happens to athletes entered?

IRONMAN Athletes who are registered for the 2021 edition of the IRONMAN World Championship triathlon will be contacted directly. For more information and event details for the IRONMAN World Championship, please visit www.ironman.com/im-world-championship.

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