“No Sugar Coating” in South Africa: Knysna Extreme Triathlon

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South Africa’s only extreme triathlon enters its third year

Saturday 21st November 2020 – Knysna Extreme Triathlon

As a break from most recent event news (postponed / cancelled) and indoor training… here’s a quick look at a race which, hopefully, will take place this year, and that hasn’t featured on the pages of TRI247 before.

With a tagline on the website which reads “No Sugar Coating | No Hand Holding | No Fanfare – Brutal in its purest form“, I think we can assume that the Knysna Extreme Triathlon (www.knysnaxtreme.co.za) is not aimed at those seeking a simple, entry level event that a couple of hours training a week will be more than enough for.

The Knysna Extreme is a challenging Point-To-Point, self-supported race that takes place along South Africa’s scenic Garden Route. The course starts with a 5 km swim in the Knysna Estuary, followed by a 174 km cycle through coastal, mountain and semi-desert scenery. This is then followed by a 50 km run through plantations and the Knysna forest. It is a gruelling, yet scenic route that takes triathletes back to the purest form of the sport.

Knysna Extreme Triathlon - South Africa

While still a small part of the overall multisport portfolio, such challenges are however gaining increased interest from those who are seeking something outside of the mainstream offerings.

Knysna Extreme Triathlon - South Africa

The Knysna event does offer two distance options, with the ‘Knysna Extreme 0.5′, still a significant challenge in its own right (2.5km / 100km / 30km), perhaps offering something for those who are not – quite – ready to go “full extreme”.

Knysna Extreme Triathlon - South Africa

Here’s an insight into the 2019 edition:

YouTube video



21st November, 2020


  • Knysna Extreme: 5km Swim | 174km Cycle | 50km Run
  • Knysna Extreme 0.5: 2.5km Swim | 100km Cycle | 30km Run


Knysna Extreme Triathlon - South Africa

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